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Steve is continuing his very granular, spoiler-filled description and review of James Cameron’s Aliens, arguably one of the few sequels that’s as good as, or possibly better than, the original movie. Steve thinks it’s possibly even better. What about you?


In the first of two columns, Steve deconstructs and reviews James Cameron’s “Aliens,” the first sequel in what proved to be a profitable franchise. What’s he got to say? Read it and find out!


Steve's second Halloween column this month, in which he tries to do teeny-tiny reviews of 27 movies. Let us know if he succeeds or falls flat on his face.

Surrealism: The Art of Disquiet

Sometimes life becomes so strange, so patently absurd, so like a bizarre waking dream that we say it has become surreal.

Haunted Holiday Gift Guide: Book Lover’s Edition

Use these suggestions to have a "horrible" holiday

Am I Blue?

Monochromatic painting has been part of the avante garde since the end of the 19th century, but science fiction and fantasy artists use monochromatic painting techniques to a great effect.

The Artful Collector: On Living (and Dying) with “Knick-knacks”

The Artful Collector explores the artliness of knick-knacks.

H.R. Giger

Very few artists have had as big an influence on horror illustration and on the look of horror films as had Swiss artist H.R. Giger.

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Recently a documentary had its debut at the Cannes Film Festival called Jodorowsky's Dune. The documentary by filmmaker Frank Pavich, examines a very early...