Editors. You can’t please all of them all of the time, but maybe you can please some of them, some of the time.

One Thousand Posts

Today Amazing Stories achieves a milestone in publishing its 1,000th post (and then some!) When this project first began – the resurrection of the world’s first science fiction magazine – I had high hopes, huge ambitions and a tremendous amount of faith in the genre community;  faith that its members would live up to the […]

Those Early Drafts

When is a story fit to be read? It depends on who’s reading it. Your family may seem genetically programmed to love every word you write. A potential publisher, not so much. By the time you submit your manuscript for publishing, it better have been read by a few more people than just your Mom. […]

A Commissioning Editor Speaks: David Moore of Abaddon Books

Britain’s Abaddon Books is a seething brew of villainous steampunk, sleek spaceships, cruel sorcery, and blood-soaked horror. I tracked their commissioning editor David Moore down to his lair, where I forced him to unravel a cracked and crumbling papyrus to reveal an ancient secret: what does a commissioning editor do all day? Thanks for speaking to Amazing […]

Cedar Sanderson

Digging in to Writing

I’m trying to get my writing restarted after the move. I’m not trying to finish Pixie Noir in 13 weeks any longer, as I had originally planned. I’ll be happy to get it done by the end of summer. The sequel to Vulcan’s Kittens will have to wait until fall. The program I was following […]

Pulling back the publishing veil

Pulling Back the Publishing Veil: Contract language with regards to edits

Today I want to concentrate a bit on the contractual aspects with regards to editing. Let’s start out by mentioning there are two broad classifications of fiction and each has different requirements. Work for Hire – Generally this is when you have been contracted to create a story in someone else’s sandbox. Basically the world, characters, idea, […]

What I Mean When I Say…

Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed something when I’ve conversed with people (in person or through email), posted things on my blog, or left comments on someone else’s blog.  We may be using the same words, but what we mean by those words isn’t always the same.  This is especially true when discussing […]