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Women Destroy* Hard SF Poetry!!! Round Up November 2015

Oxymoron? If you think the title of this blog post is one, then read on, dear disillusioned reader! Be warned though, it’s going to take me a moment to get to the actual poetry. The members of the SFPA and our friends on our Yahoo Group had a conversation “recently” (well it was recent when […]

Short Story Review: The Eagle Project by Jack McDevitt

Look closely at every periodical, because you never know what you might miss. The Eagle Project in the November 2013 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact may be just a little story by Jack McDevitt, but it is heavy with thought provoking content some readers might have missed.

Ben Bova

Interview with Science Fiction Legend Ben Bova

Today we are joined by science fiction legend Dr. Ben Bova. Ben has served as an editor of both Analog Science Fact & Fiction and Omni magazines. He has written over 120 books of fiction and non-fiction. His razor-sharp mind is trusted by both the scientific community and Hollywood. As evidence, he was elected a […]