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Anime roundup 1/15/2015: Fiction Is Stranger Than Truth

In this week's viewing: The remainder of premiere week is brought to you by the letters W, T, and F, and the number 34.

Winter 2015 SF Anime Preview Guide

Coming up at the top of the year: a serious amount of weird. Even for the anime world...

Anime roundup 9/25/2014: Au Revoir, Not Adieu

In this week's viewing: Two more shows pack their bags, but only for a temporary absence, and more!

Anime Roundup 9/18/2014: Moving On

In this week's viewing: JoJo reaches halftime, Hunter x Hunter starts wrapping things up, and more!

Anime roundup 9/11/2014: Things Are Seldom What They Seem

In this week's viewing: Nothing goes as expected, from the latest introduction in Sailor Moon to everything in Hunter x Hunter!

Anime Roundup 9/4/2014: Back From the Brink

In this week's viewing: Miraculous recoveries are everywhere, including two major characters and Aldnoah Zero's writing!

Anime Roundup 8/29/2014: Friends With Disadvantages

In this week's viewing: Sphinx is going to be sorry about making a friend on Terror in Resonance, Polnareff is very sorry about thinking of his loved ones in JoJo, and more!

Anime Roundup 8/21/2014: Not Always Better Together

In this week's viewing: Romance, family ties, their unhealthy flipsides, and more!

Anime roundup 8/14/2014: Hen Party

In this week's viewing: Female antagonists are everywhere! Except for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which lives up to its name once again.

Anime roundup 8/7/2014: Smoke and Mirrors

In this week's viewing: Mind games, plotting, and counter-plotting all over the place!

Anime Roundup 7/31/2014: Message Alert

In this week's viewing: Aldnoah Zero and Terror in Resonance go heavy on the symbolism, and more!

Anime Roundup 7/10/2014: Something For Everyone

In this week's viewing: It's an uncommonly good start to the new season!

Summer 2014 SF Anime Preview

Sailor Moon is finally here, and it's bringing friends! See what's coming your way with the new anime season.