Classic SF Theater: Destination Space

Destination Space depicts space exploration that takes place before Destination Moon, even though it was filmed after Destination Moon

BEFORE Mars Probe 1 proved that there was life on Mars,

BEFORE rich business men broke the law (and got away with it – big surprise!) and made their destination the Moon

there was


If you’re a fan of SF film, especially that golden black & white era of the 40s through the 70s, you’ll probably recognize the model work;  you’ll also recognize some of the actors as SF mainstays from this period and, you’ll recognize that one of the screen writers partnered with Heinlein on writing the script for Destination Moon – even though THIS should have preceded THAT movie.

It is a bit remarkable for showing consistent problems with a space program, especially considering that the time frame was one in which film, books and television were starting to be used to gin up support for the real space program.

Check it out!

To help avoid confusion:

Destination Moon – 1950
Destination Space – 1959
Robinson Crusoe On Mars (not B&W) 1984

Though the reality should have been –

Space – 1950
Moon – 1959
Mars – 1964

Clear now? lol

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