The Fatal Science Flaw of the Premise of Interstellar

Interstellar my be visually stunning, but it does have a scientific fatal flaw

Space Shuttle First Flights: John Aaron (Software Failure Is Not An...

I met with John Aaron to explain why IBM couldn’t fulfill a Shuttle software contract that required zero errors. His answer changed my mind.

Rewind: Interview with Award-Winning Author Kim Stanley Robinson

We're visiting Kim Stanley Robinson again

REVIEW: Analog, Jan/Feb 2015 (Part 2)

Part 2 of a review of the latest issue of Analog

REVIEW: Analog, Jan/Feb 2015 (Part 1)

Beginning a series of reviews of our mnagazines

Space Shuttle First Flights: John Aaron (Error-Free Code?)

NASA required IBM’s Space Shuttle software to be delivered “error-free”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the likelihood of that was extremely low.

Amazingly Enough: Lost And Found – Russian Space Dogs

Space Dogs of the USSR


Rosetta's lander should touch down on comet 67P at approximately 11 am est today

Space Shuttle First Flights: Phil Shaffer (Again)

During the Apollo Program, NASA’s Phil Shaffer had subjected me to what I’d describe today as a version of “Shark Tank”. I wasn’t looking forward to presenting to him again on Shuttle.

The True Cost of Space Exploration

The true cost of space exploration cannot be measured in dollars. It must be measured in human lives. For those who paid the ultimate price, we thank you and salute you. Those who understand the importance of your sacrifice will not forget. Godspeed on your next adventure.

Science Fiction of Today – Science Fact of the Not So...

A NASA-backed study explores an innovative way to dramatically cut the cost of a human expedition to Mars

Turritopsis Dohrnii A Tale of Immortality

In my tongue-in-cheek vampire romance I'm working on I had to help one of my characters find the secret to immortality.

The Antares Rocket Explosion: October 28, 2014

An eyewitness account of the explosion of the Antares rocket: it looks very bad on TV. Close up it was horrific.

Writing Science! A Guest Post by MG Author V.L. Jennings

A guest post on science and science fiction by author V.L. Jennings

Space Shuttle First Flights: Ten Pounds in a Five Pound Sack

The first version of the Shuttle flight software had two serious problems: it couldn’t fit in the computer, and it ran way too slow. IBM was two years into the contract and basically nothing worked. All hell broke loose.

Nature and Zombies

When it comes to zombies, the natural world has got fiction beat

Do Black Holes Really Exist?

Black Holes are probably here to stay, says our resident investigator of quasars

Lagrangian Points – In Reality and Fiction (Part 2)

After having examined Lagrangian points in science, I would like to offer here some thoughts about their possible uses - in fiction and in...

Amazingly Enough: Lost And Found – Down The Drain


Review: Paradox, edited by Ian Whates

Paradox, edited by Ian Whates and published by Newcon Press, is a collection of new stories exploring aspects of the Fermi Paradox. It features stories by Rachel Armstrong, Keith Brooke & Eric Brown, Pat Cadigan, David L. Clements, Paul Cornell, Paul di Filippo, Robert Reed, Mike Resnick & Robert T. Jeschoenek, Mercurio D Rivera, Adam Roberts, Stephanie Saulter, Tricia Sullivan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gerry Webb and George Zebrowski.

Stop the (parallel) Worlds – I Want To Get Off!

They're expanding everywhere: an infinite series of novels, an endless number of parallel stories, each one populated by people who seem similar to us but whose lives have changed in just one salient way

Nearby Galaxy Harbours the Rarest Kind of Black Hole

A rare, mid-size black hole may have been discovered in a nearby galaxy

Space Shuttle First Flights: Bob Crippen and Dick Truly – Working...

Hearing about the near-legendary competence of NASA astronauts was one thing, seeing it in action was humbling. Bob Crippen and Dick Truly, the two I got to work with on Space Shuttle, were the most impressive professionals I’ve met.

Mars for Sale

A sales pitch from the not too distant future

Asni’s Art Blog: Interview with Fractal Artist Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson is a surreal painter and sculptor from Sweden, who became a pioneer in the 3D fractal art world and 3D printed fractals after the discovery of the mandelbulb in 2009.

Lagrangian Points – In Reality and Fiction (Part 1)

Lagrangian points are well known to anybody interested in astronomy or astrophysics. But even if you are not into the science part of SF, chances are...

Space Shuttle First Flights: Engineering the Onboard Software

By comparison to the Space Shuttle, Apollo was a Model-T Ford - no set of computer-controlled spaceship operations like this had ever been attempted. Nothing that got us to the Moon could be reused here, and so it was discarded.

Asni’s Art Blog: Supernova

The artists who have chosen "Supernova" as their topic, distinctly verge toward the trippy.

The Perfect Science Fiction Formula Forgotten?

Has science disappeared from science fiction?

Arrakis and Single Biome Planets (part 1)

Are single Biome planets feasible? Maybe if you have 45,000 Super Star Destroyers in the garage