Today In Amazing Stories Magazine – An Interview With Andy Weir

An interview with the author of The Martian, Andy Weir.

How Art Reveals Truth in Science

A bit of philosophical rumination from Nina today: Both science and art benefit from exchange. By inviting art to participate in its conversation, science provides art with the opportunity to add science to its repertoire. And through its interpretation of scientific ideas and theories, art offers science a new lens through which to see itself.

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Science & entertainment largely wrapped up: Winchell Chung's Project Rho

Flags On The Moon: Program Apollo (The Flags Still Stand)

Five of the six American flags placed on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts are still standing today.

The Art & Science of World Building: The Tools You Need...

World building requires art AND science. Nina takes us through a primer.

Should Big Brother Get Bigger?

Do we need more surveillance or less? A look at whether big brother should get bigger?

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 17 (The Last Flag)

Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon Landing, the last crewed space flight beyond Earth orbit, and the last time human beings have set foot on the Moon.

What State Does Best in a Zombie Apocalypse?

No other state has a shared love of zombie movies and guns like Wyoming. While New Yorkers are having their brains eaten in cafes and elevators, the fine people of Wyoming will be sitting on the front porch with a shotgun enjoying a prolonged zombie hunting season.

Lost Curiosities: Torpedoes and Player Pianos

Ever wonder what 'frequency hopping' is? A better wonder is to ask where the concept came from., Your Portal to the Science Fiction Multiverse

“Greetings! Welcome to – where we talk science fiction, not wrestling. “ I ask you how can one not love a sci-fi based website...

Black Holes – Sleeping Giants?

Turns out that one of the most terrifying of astronomical objects may be a giver of life. Andrew Weston explains.

C.J. CHERRY, o la aventura permanente

Laura delivers a nice roundup of the career and influences of one of our best - C. J. Cherryh

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 16 (The Giant Leap)

On Apollo 16, Astronaut John Young performed Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap for mankind” to salute the flag.

The Future Of Energy

Ceres examines several promising new energy technologies.

RECAP: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

A look at the introductory episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey.

COSMOS Premieres Tomorrow

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson premeires tomorrow

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 15 (Moon Landing Hoax?)

NASA faked the Apollo Moon landings? No dogma is more unyielding than one founded on ignorance and arrogance

Exoplanets and the Steady Pace of Established Science

A little history on the discovery of exoplanets from an astronomer who was there at the beginning.

Lost Curiosities: Bringing Dogs Back from the Dead

During the Lazarus experiments, Cornish excited much interest in Hollywood. Boris Karloff starred in two films inspired by Cornish's work, The Man they Could Not Hang (1939) and The Man with Nine Lives (1940). The scientist actually served as consultant to the former film. These movies sparked a "mad scientist" craze in science fiction, and were also among the first to conceptualize open-heart surgery.

Muslims Forbidden To Go To Mars

Believe it or not, a fatwa has been issued barring Muslims from participating in the Mars One program. Mike gives us the details.

Newsflash America: Astrology is Not Scientific!

Astrology is not scientific, even if nearly half of America thinks it might be.

MOVIE REVIEW: Europa Report

A review of the shaky-cam SF space adventure Europa Report

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 14 (An Impressive 6-Iron)

There were several notable achievements of the Apollo 14 Moon Mission. One that was abetted by the free time gained using the new flag design was that Alan Shepard became the first golfer on the Moon.

A Website for the Geek in all of Us

a profile of the GeekTyrant website

Launch Pad now Open for Applications

A long running astronomy workshop for writers (presented by astronomers who are writers) has opened its doors to applications for a new session. Sign up now!

Nye vs Ham – the Video

Watch the full debate and read some of the follow-on commentary.

When Virtual Meets Reality

Virtual Reality technology is providing an opportunity for individuals to experience what it is like to be the other...and William Gibson helped.

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 12 (“Need To Jury Rig”)

Apollo 12, the second lunar landing mission, was snakebit from the outset. The crew’s problems continued with their attempt to raise the American flag on the Moon.

Asni’s Art Blog: Time Artefacts

Steampunk has brought a fascination with the elaborate mechanisms and ostentatious casings of old clocks. Time measuring and time traveling devices.

Through Alien Eyes

New app technologies are expanding the range of human senses, Mike Brotherton wants to expand his.