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The Science Fiction Cannon is Not a Thing; Canon is.

The SF Canon does not go 'Boom'

New Fiction: The Quantum Error by Michael Kurland – this Wednesday

Teaser for the upcoming short story by Michael Kurland - The Quantum Error, illustrated by Al Sirois.

Review: The Earliest Bradbury

This volume is focused on Bradbury’s early work and activities that have previously been unavailable to most readers, including 120+ articles, stories, drawings and references from a variety of early fan publications

No Posts Today Owing To No Power Today

There’s no power at Amazing HQ today, so no new posts   we’ll be back soon.

Hugo Awards 2020: Round Up of the Fall Out

Multiple,. Multiple, Multiple and varying takes on the Hugo Awards "disaster" of 2020

Susan Ellison 1960 – 2020

Susan Ellison has died


Ng's win for Best Related Hugo brought readers to our commentary on her speech; a Stilyago passes; Spanish language posts up in readership...take a look back one week and see what you've missed!

Why a Chengdu Worldcon Should Be a Chengdhon’t

There's no ethical or moral difference between the Jeddah Saudi Arabia bid and the Chengdu China bid

CoNZealand’s Hugo Awards 2020 Coverage on The Fantasy Network

This year's Hugo Awards ceremony was produced by The Fantasy Network. They did a fine job and you can watch a recording of the event right now.

CoNZealand Announces the 2020 Hugo Award Winners

The 2020 Hugo Award results are in

Paul Levinson on Air TONIGHT!

TONIGHT! LIVE! (from a recording of a live performance) IN PERSON! (not a facsimile) FIRST TIME EVER (on radio) P A U L L E V I N S O N !

Chicago Wins 2022 WorldCon Site Selection

Chicon8 has been announced for 2022

CoNZealand Announces 1945 Retro Hugo Award Winners

1945 Retro-Hugo Winners The winners of the Retro Hugo Awards 1945 are: Best Novel “Shadow Over Mars” (The Nemesis from Terra) by Leigh Brackett (Startling Stories,...

I, Rocket by Ray Bradbury with an Introduction by JM Stine

A thing of steel and alloy—a rocket ship. Yet it claimed respect and gave a great enduring loyalty.

Perseverence Scheduled to Launch Today at 7:50 am

Perseverence, with Ingenuity aboard, launches today at 7:50 am est

The New Mars Missions

Learn more about the three missions heading to Mars


Make sure your thermal protection is on...we're about to activate the time machine for a trip back to our most popular posts of the week


Worldcon bid folds, Hugo voting ends, awards handed out, fans express opinions

AMAZING NEWS: 7/26/20 Post Hugo Awards Voting & Post Kickstarter Edition

Okorafor wins Eisner; Gerrold shares grandson pic, Levinson reviews, Zicree presents Space Command, China launches space probe, Hugo voting ends, Silver presents on The Big Idea, more

Remembered Reads: Larry Niven and Known Space

Larry Niven and his Known Space tales have had a far-ranging impact on many aspects of the genre.
Amazing Stories Year Two - Once More Dear Friends

Amazing Stories Kickstarter Meets Its Goal!

Kickstarter Campaign reaches and exceeds goal!

Amazing Stories Kickstarter: T-Minus 23 Hours and Counting. 72% Fueled

Guidance is Go! Ecom is Go! Flight is Go! Fueling is....

Kickstarter Countdown: T-Minus 50 Hours

We're REALLY close to meeting our goal. Help put us over the top!


Voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22nd. There have been some minor glitches with some ballots, so please double check your vote.

Hugo Award Finalists Raise Issues with CoNZealand Programming

CoNZealand is running into issues beyond those caused by the Pandemi

S.P. Somtow’s Story Selected for The Best American Science Fiction and...

S.P. Somtow's Another Avatar to be published in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020


If you missed these, it's not too late. Hop into the Time Machine and check them out!

AmazingCon II: Thoughts, Plans, Madness

Come celebrate Amazing Stories and Science Fictions 95th Birthday with us next year

Amazing Kickstarter Passes 40% Funding

Kickstarter past 40% funding.