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TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Our t5op posts this week include some regulars and some newly elevated posts: check out what you might have missed!


Palindrome week (no, NOT camels!); lots of scrolling, Deutscher Priz, Creative Arts Emmys, Talk like a Pirate - rrrrrrrrr - and more in this week's File 770 roundup

AMAZING NEWS: 9/22/19 – Pre Fall Equinox Edition

Several special announcements regarding the TV show; a much-loved feral cat passes; pastafarians speak out, more on Tiptree, Hannes Bok, Stanislaw Lem, Phil Dick and more!

Profiles in Pulp: The First Science Fiction Magazine(s)

Is Amazing Stories the world's first science fiction magazine? Yes. Did it get there all on its lonesome? No.

New Dr. Seuss Found in a Box comes to print

A new Dr. Seuss ms was found in a box in a closet, and now, with help from artist Andrew Joyner, we get to read it

Satellite Photo Shows Aftermath of Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities...

The aftermath of the Saudi drone strike - from space.

Amazing Stories TV Series (80’s) Retro-Review – Season 01, Episode 02:...

The impending premiere of the new version of the Amazing Stories television show prompts us to take a look back at the original Steven Spielberg - helmed series, continuing with 1984's season one, episode two The Main Attraction

More Praise for ‘Lady Astronaut’ Series

Steve takes time to share a bit of a reminisce, a comment on M. R. Kowal's award-winning series and favored childhoom memories: "Why, oh why can"t I be living in that alternate timeline?"

Amazing Stories TV Series (80’s) Retro-Review – Season 01, Episode 01:...

The impending premiere of the new version of the Amazing Stories television show prompts us to take a look back at the original Steven Spielberg - helmed series, beginning with 1984's season one, episode one Ghost Train

New Features – None This Week

There's news from this past week, we're just not rounding it up today (let it graze a little longer)

When Did the Marketing Department Become the Product Development Department?

Some words about commodification of our genre.

Watch the Saturn Awards Live!

The annual awards for genre TV kick off in less than an hour - and you can watch live! (for the first time ever!)

Review: The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

If Amazing Stories had a "Star Picks" program, The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal would be our first inductee!

Apple TV Roll Out Date Announced, New Shows Added to Lineup,...

Waiting for the Amazing Stories TV show? Keep waiting....

For Your 1945 Retro Hugo Awards Consideration

It may be a tad early...nbo, it's never too early to start preparing for the Hugo Awards!


Owing to our new content expansion, the most read of the past week has changed dramatically. Give it a look!


Top Ten August Posts; GRRM; Dublin 2019 Photos; Spikecon, Fandom & toxicity, Katherine MacLean, much more today on the File


A visit to one of the odd cul-de-sacs of SF and Fantasy; killer robots, real dragons in the sea, up-coming conventions and more!

Can A Website Unite the Tribes? Don’t Know, But We’re...

Our new look, our new expanded content and how you can interact with it

Amazing Stories Fall 2019 Issue (the 1st Anniversary issue) Needs a...

We're going into a second printing for our fifth issue!

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get...

What's Amazing? Find out here!

Legion M and the Saturn Awards!

Legion M has announced that it is partnering with this year's Saturn Awards

Taking a Break

Taking a break - check out our store. We've got Amazing Stuff!

On Renaming Awards

Should ALL SF/F/H awards named for people have their names changed?

Was John W. Campbell a F***ing Fascist, or Merely a Fascist?

Well, now you know which side of this debate I come down on. Thoughts on Jeannette Ng's (well deserved) Best New Writer (not a Hugo) Award

Addenda to Today’s Editorial

What if, instead of not naming awards for people, we named an award annually, to additionally honor someone in the field?


We have a scheduled release for the Amazing Stories TV show - maybe.

Review: as if in dreams…Notes following Aliyah by Joseph Zitt

A rare example of poetic prose and food for thought for all.

Emergency Editorial

Joseph Campbell did not edit Amazing Stories. John W. Campbell edited Astounding Stories


N3F Announces the 2019 NEFFY Award Winners and Amazing Stories takes home the Best Magazine award