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Short SF Film: Sunbelly | Dust

A very unusual animation style brings you the story of a routine scouting of a distant planet that uncovers a lost civilization. Where the explorers discover the long forgotten origins of their mission.


Patton Oswalt, Neil Gaiman, Batgirl, Vaughn Bode, CJ Cherryh, Adam-Troy Castro, Lady Gaga, David Brin, The Orville and many more


A BIG roundup of most popular posts this week – a good time to play catch-up. (Not mustard, catch-up)

Short SF Film: Antumbra | From DUST

Major Remy Barnes is the first astronaut to make contact with extraterrestrials on board of an unidentified flying object in orbit around earth.
(I’d be a lot happier with the ending of this short film if it had been produced during the previous administration.)

Short SF Film: Clones | Dust

Rutger Hauer stars in this short SF film that originally appeared on Youtube;  As a highly intelligent man on board a space station prepares himself for a risky brain operation, he has to overcome his fear of losing his identity before surgery can even begin.


UFO 9 Kickstarter, Larry Niven & Known Space, David Gerrold’s new book on writing, predictive pulp fiction and a lot more!