AMAZING NEWS: 12/17/23

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Sea Monster Found in Dorset (fossil skull was sticking out of the cliffs)

New Release:  S. P. Somtow (Somtow Sucharitkul) shares the cover of his latest release – Dinosaur Symphony

Neanderthals, Denisovans and Homo Sapiens are Breeds of human, not separate species

Yet another debut author does stupid things to promote their book.  (These things didn’t happen when corporate publishing overlords were handling the promotions.  Well, at least they managed to suppress it better when it did.)

JMS’ The Glass Box is on sale

Al Sirois creates Youtube channel for debut book trailers.  Watch them here.

Voyager 1 has stopped communication.  It may never be restored

Speaking of Neanderthals:  Early risers may have inherited that gene from them

A hidden lagoon is found to have stormatilits that resemble the first ones from 3 billion years ago

Stone Age Tech may be the fix for future clean energy

Remembering David Drake

Some concept art from a possible remake of Forbidden Planet

The ALA was happy to announce, and we were happy to read, that Gen-Z & Millennials are using the library and prefer books in print

Scott Edeleman eats with and celebrates Lisa Morton 

Postcards From a Dying World reviews Kate Wilhelm’s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

China Announces a Plan to Mass Produce Humanoid Robots by 2025.  (I’m guessing conventions won’t have attendance issues anymore)

A New Congressional Bill would halt book bans

Lou Berger discusses Leave the World Behind

MURDERBOT:  Apple+ to adapt Martha Well’s hit series

Monstrous Mashup:  Paul Di Filippo shares the cover of The Three Stooges VS Cthulhu


SUPER DOUBLE SPECIAL AND NOT SO SECRET PUBLISHING NEWS ABOUT OUR OWN STUFF:  Kirkus Reviews just reviewed Tom Eastman and Frank Wu’s debut Amazing Selects’ title ESPionage:  Regime Change, and saying very positive things!  Tom & Frank also reveal that they are working on a sequel!

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