Chris M. Barkley Wins 2023 Best Fan Writer Hugo

Amazing Stories congratulates all of this year’s Hugo and related award winners (Astounding, Lodestar) but would like to offer special congratulations to our friend and occasional contributor – Chris M. Barkley.

Chris, through both his writings and his voice has been a Fan to reckon with and one who has never shied away from voicing his opinion.

Congratulations, Chris, on a well-deserved win!

File 770 has published Chris’ acceptance speech (which is rumored to have caused the award ceremony to go a bit over time – but that shouldn’t surprise anyone given who was making it) – here are some highlights.  You can read the full speech here.

“I also note that I am the first person of color EVER to win a Hugo Award in this category. And I fervently ask everyone in the fannish community, please, please, PLEASE, do not let me be the last. Our world is vast and wide and there are many other voices to be heard and honored.”

“I hereby announce that I will no longer accept any future nominations in this category.” (To help facilitate others having a chance to win.)

“We who are gathered here and those watching around the world, are more aware than probably anyone else that the world that this planet is in serious peril. We are very conscious that the human race is beset with an urgent set of crises, greed, income and social inequality, pestilence, racial prejudice, misinformation, fear and war. 

And how do we combat these seemingly overwhelming circumstances? We fight back. With art, culture, music, informed opinions, social action and literature.”

Here’s an Amazing Stories  post by Chris from a while back

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