Chengdu Promo Video and NO Rights Clearances

File 770 linked to a new promotional video for the Chengdu Worldcon.

Interestingly, the Amazing Stories and Astounding Stories logos, as well as a profile of Isaac Asimov appear in the video.

I spend a surprisingly large amount of time handling rights clearance requests for the Amazing Stories Trademark (as well as cover images, etc).

I’m pretty sure Isaac Asimov’s estate is in the business of trading off of his likeness, as unique (and well-known) as it is.  I wonder if they were asked for permission?

Our mark is not separately registered in China, but they are party to most, if not all international intellectual property agreements.

I deliberately did not go or engage with Chengdu because of China’s human rights issues.  I certainly do not want the magazine’s logo used to promote it.

Images are screen captures from the video.

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