June 24th is Buy From ACE Day

Hot on the heels of the extremely successful Buy From TOR Day, Amazing Stories would like to suggest that Wednesday, June 24th, be declared as Buy From Ace Day!

We were inspired by the tremendous amount of support displayed during the Buy From TOR days and decided that what’s good for TOR ought to be good for ACE, not to mention all of the other fine publishers of science fiction, fantasy and horror that daily bring us new marvels and new joy.

Next week we’ll move on to DAW, then BAEN and then….

Did you know that ACE is the longest continuously operating publisher of science fiction and fantasy in the US? Did you know that Futurian and consummate fan feuder Donald A. Wollheim, was the first editor at ACE and that he helped to usher in the paperback era? Not to mention buying tons of short-length fiction that had originally appeared in the magazines and that would soon grace wire racks in drug stores, news shops and 5-and-dimes across the country with the innovative dos-a-dos ACE Doubles? (Talks about cover art that drew you in! You got TWO with every ACE Double! (It was, incidentally, an ACE Double that introduced me to the wonderful works of A. Bertram Chandler.)

ACE has published Tolkein, Heinlein, Herbert, Haldeman, Delaney, Ellison, Silverberg, Russell, Piper, Gibson, and now, in the modern era, (if you’re not into collecting old stuff like I am) Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Charles Stross, Patricia Briggs, Robert J. Sawyer, Alastair Reynolds, Patricia A. McKillip, Jack McDevitt, Douglas Adams, Ann Aguirre, Jack Campbell and many, many more fine authors.

If you are into the old stuff, check out this comprehensive listing of the history of the ACE Doubles (you’ve got some catching up to do…).

If you want to learn more about the company and its history, visit their main page here and for more information about Donald A. Wollheim, try the SF Encylopedia

Our Buy From TOR day has made us realize that we don’t celebrate or thank the publishers that serve this community nearly enough.  So let’s send them all a big thank you by purchasing one of their outstanding offerings!

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