Amazing News: September 17th, 2023

Frank Wu congratulates Bruce Boston and other Dwarf Star poetry award winners  (Full Disclosure: Frank Wu is one of the authors, along with Tom Easton, of the recently released Amazing Selects novel ESPionage: Regime Change and we mention this here because it gives us an opportunity to suggest that you purchase it.  Which you can do by clicking on the cover.  Clever, eh?)

Why continue to live a malnourished life-style when you can get your Vitamin G right there on David Gerrold’s Patreon? (Full Disclosure: David Gerrold is the author of the Amazing Selects collection Adrift in the Sea of Stars and we mention this here because it gives us an opportunity to suggest that you purchase it.  Which you can do by clicking on the cover.  Clever, eh?)

Also Full Disclosure:  Amazing Selects has titles by authors and editors Allen Steele, John E. Stith, James Beamon, Kermit Woodall and Steve Davidson (meta level Full Disclosure:  Steve wrote this paragraph), which can be purchased through the Amazing Stories store – and should be purchased by you, now, before you do anything else today.  Otherwise, we may be forced to promote and advertise them again!  Click the image to view all of our selections!

Enough with the heavy-handed promotion.  On with the news!

Following the court’s decision regarding the Internet Archive copyright infringement, here’s a guide on how to get your publications removed.

WEBB finds possibly habitable world emitting biosignatures, maybe.

Have a hankering for a bit of extra background radiation?  The Trinity Site is opening up for tourists in October.  Watch Oppenheimer, go get irradiated!

A US Astronaut sets US record for days in space.  As my father used to say – “What are you doing in space all the time?  Why don’t you get out and give someone else a chance!” (Apologies to Marty Feldman.)

Brian May weighs in on AI

Article claims author Robert Heinlein was basically McGyver.  (Hint:  Generally when such things occur, it would be more accurate to state that McGyver was Heinlein.)

APOCALYPTIC AI NEWS FEATURE:  Brightburn 2, the sequel to, ummm, Brightburn, will be scripted by AI.  Brightburn’s reception was pretty much smack dab in the middle of opinion (resulting in a generally “meh” rating), so the AI doesn’t have much of a challenge here.

Damien Walter takes a longish look at Ursual Le Guin

Neanderthal tools suggest greater  diversity than human tools

For those concerned about Antisemitism, the JewBelong website might be for you

Team develops fuel for Moon and Mars missions

Some guy who keeps sliding between universes celebrates Star Trek Day in ours

A chapbook from Denise Dumars and the latest issue of Polar Borealis highlighted on the SFPA page

WORLDCON UPDATE:  New Source for (maybe) being able to get the reader’s packet for Best Fan Writer and Best Fanzine Finalists.  (Also, recent discussion suggests that construction on the venue may not be completed in time for the event.  Big Surprise.  The previous is editorial commentary.)

WSJ Looks into the future of AI

Lando has decided to appear on the big screen, rather than multiple times on the little one.

Moonquakes are being created by the heating and cooling of a lunar lander

Report suggests NASA should look into UFOs.  (Rather have them spending time creating them.)

SpaceX might get a license to launch as soon as October

The latest ginned-up literary politicking:  Stephen King is now “too woke”

Darrel Schweitzer recommends (highly) this book about Octavia Butler

Filmmaker Tim Burton finds AI disturbing Pretty sure AIs would find some of Burton’s films disturbing.

Violations of the Separation of Church and State News: Texas (exactly) passes law that allows chaplains to replace counselors.  Trample on the Constitution much?

Fire Ants Invade Europe.  As global warming continues, this aggressive ant species will become a global species.  When their name indicates that they’ve discovered fire, we are all in deep trouble.

Google now tracks ads through Chrome.  Might be time to switch browsers (some say well-past time)

SMOF News Vol 3 Issue 2 on How to Convention

Secret Government & Industry AI Meeting

Earthquake lights seen during Morocco’s quake

David Brin offers a suggestion for dealing with AIs

Tony Peak shares an awesome image of the ISS transiting the Moon

Upcoming Kickstarters Of Interest News: Rem Alternis Productions, Inc., who manage SF-related Kickstarter projects, wishes to share two current projects with you:

The first is a sci-fi novel, Persephone, authored by the dynamic duo of best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson and writer/director Jeffrey Morris. In a future where Earth faces extinction, the ark-ship Odyssey sets course for Proxima-b, a distant habitable planet otherwise known as Persephone. Upon arrival, the settlers encounter a failing radiation shield and an enigmatic metallic structure on the planet’s volatile surface. Astronaut Darcy Clarke and engineer Tanya Baxter must race against time to save the colony and unveil the planet’s secrets.”

The second:

“The second project is also by Jeffery Morris. A new, feature-length documentary, The Eagle Has Landed, explores the origins and cultural impact of the Eagle spacecraft. More than just a film for fans of the classic TV series Space: 1999, it is an epic saga that discusses the influence of a beloved TV series on actual developments in science and technology, as well as its indelible impact on popular culture and imagination across generations.”

Click the pics to visit the funding pages.

Rob Latham has an interesting piece on Thomas Disch.  We asked to reproduce it on the site, but SF Commentary beat us to it!

WOW.  That’s some news round-up, huh?  If you would like to see a story here, why not send it in to us?  (Steve (@) AmazingStories (dot) com.

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