Anime roundup 12/2/2021: Potent Potables

Ranking of Kings #7 – Finally arrived at the house of the correct mentor, Bojji and Kage have to endure one final ray of false despair before being accepted into Despa’s house and tutelage. Even before the teaching actually begins, they both learn a great deal more about Bojji’s situation. And meanwhile, back home, Daida is experiencing the last horrific piece of it.

Despa can also tell the Bojji is a giant under some sort of curse. From the first thing that Bosse says when awakes in Daida’s body, I think we all know who was responsible for that curse. Miranjo obviously had something to do with it, but it sounds like Bosse made a deliberate decision to let Bojji have the curse. In being very clear that Bojji was to be his heir, then, Bosse intended to take over Bojji’s body and spare Daida. You wonder how many people knew about that part of the plan and how many of the votes in the council to support one or the other of them were really about who to let Bosse possess.

Back in the Underworld, while Despa confirms that Bojji’s strength is pegged at 3 forever, he sees plenty of other possibilities there. While Kage does the chores, Bojji is clearly being trained at something— but it’s a curious training montage that leaves out exactly what he’s training to fight with. Kage is deliberately kept out of the loop, along with anyone in the audience who didn’t inadvertently spoil the surprise for themselves weeks ago by seeing the weapon in question on the cover of the source manga while trying to find out if that manga is available in English. Oops. It’s a fun training sequence nevertheless, and a nice break from the terrible things Bojji is going to confront when he gets back home.


Muteking the Dancing Hero #9 – As darkness spreads out form OctiNQ headquarters to cover all of Neo San Francisco, the few people who aren’t yet affected are either being locked up, suddenly heading off on some pressing mysterious business, or, in Muteki’s case, mounting a desperate rescue attempt to save his friend. Not only does he manage to smash the source of his backup power in the process, he may have arrived too late anyway, after DJ has been transformed into an octopoid alien. Or was he one all along?

Back at the very beginning of Muteking, we saw that Ceo and his secretary were apparently normal human beings until they got drenched with alien goo. But now Ceo is going on about how “the same blood runs in our veins” as DJ has a flashback to being ostracized for being octopus-like. So either Ceo was always a hidden Octian, or he thinks he has the right to consider himself and DJ adopted kin after his own transformation.

DJ in full Octian form, though, doesn’t resemble Ceo as much as the kids from the arcade. If they’re Octians too, that explains why they’ve been hiding and have an ex-superhero protecting them.

As for Vivi, the way she, Sara, and George are all stealing away looks like someone getting an old gang back together. Though Muteki has lost his powers and his partner, I think he’s about to find that he isn’t out of backup yet.

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Rumble Garanndoll #8 – Trapped underground in the remains of Akihabara while Yamada frantically attempts to filibuster the latest confrontation, Hosomichi and Misa have to find a rare artifact, make it back to the surface, and figure out how to work together in the Garanndoll before all is lost. Hosomichi’s becoming an old hand at this, so the latest twist is Misa figuring out how to stretch the mech’s transformation abilities to the limit.

The extra hardware that Misa materializes out of nowhere is based on a kotatsu, a type of table that can be seen in the hideout (complete with an imitation bowl of mandarin oranges on top). Kotatsus have a blanket-like attachment on all four sides and a heating element underneath. Used as an alternative to heating entire rooms, they keep a group of people warm as they stick legs, hands, or their entire selves underneath the table and blanket. Though she’s willing to come out of her hiding place for sufficiently strong reasons, Misa still apparently prefers to be somewhere defined and snug, much like her cat avatar.

Now that Hosomichi has managed to establish a rapport with all three battery girls, what’s next? Do they find ways to fight in combos? Or do we first find out what’s up with the name “Jin Tokito”? Last week it was implied to have something to do with Hosomichi, and this week it shows up on the title screen of Toh Shin Fighter. So it’s probably not Hosomichi’s old name or anything. But could that be his dad?

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Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut #9 – Despite his checkered history, Lev finds himself on the list of primary candidates for the first official human spaceflight. This is a mixed blessing, as Irina’s experience has led the trainers to devise new and tougher exercises to put the candidates through, and it keeps him away from Irina right up until he learns she’s leaving for a new job.

It takes Anya to realize that what Lev and Irina need is for her to put the creep routine away and practically force them to get together for another date before it’s too late. From Irina’s conversation with Anya before Lev shows up, it sounds like the spacecraft design gig is a cover story, and so who knows how far away she’s going or what she’s going to be doing. At least she’s not freaking out about it the way she probably would if upper management had decided to dispose of her.

Meanwhile, Lev has gotten to know Rosa better, as she reveals the pressure she’s under as a female candidate in a male-dominated program. Rosa is then immediately shoved into a series of gender-specific tropes by setting her up to be rescued by the hero and then making it look to Irina like she and Lev are getting a little too close. If this show truly wanted to do justice to a character like Rosa, it could have made better decisions there.

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The Faraway Paladin is having a recap episode this week, but it’ll be back in the lineup next week.

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