Video:  The first 10,000 days on Mars

Paul Levinson featured in Big Stir Magazine

New Releases from Darkworlds Quarterly

The tribes of science fiction

Spider Robinson answers a question about Heinlein’s The Crazy Years in his blog

Sanford is a Nebula Finalist

Aethon Books signs a three book deal with Kevin J Anderson

MD Jasckson’s interior illustrations for The Guns of Pluto, a Captain Future adventure, nominated for 2021 Pulp Factory awards

RIP Yaphet Koto

Gay Captain America unveiled

Video of The Church of All Worlds, the religion inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land

Tudyk on his  worst moments

Robert Sawyer featured in Toronto Star

Paul Di Filippo reviews Sterling’s Robot Artists & Black Swans: The Italian Fantascienza Stories

Al Sirois, author artist and fan, launches a new blog

Extinct Date Palm resurrected from 2,000 year old seeds

Leonard Nimoy hosts Old Time Radio

Review of Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, an odd late sixties film

Gemini VIII Recovery pic.  A bit different from nowadays

Take a deep dive into the Fermi Paradox with this video

Was Logan’s Run, the movie, as bad as we remember?  (Hint:  yes)

Asimov’s Reader’s Choice Awards Finalists

Samuel Delany on Joanna Russ

Star Trek Feature Film Numbers

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