New works published by The Experimenter Publishing Company, LLC, publishers of Amazing Stories, Amazing Selects and, in partnership with FuturesPastEditions, Amazing Stories Classics, which may be eligible for a variety of awards are:

Published: April, 2020 – At the edge of the Solar System, CAPTAIN FUTURE and the Futuremen discover a plot of interstellar proportions as they confront THE GUNS OF PLUTO.“Cold Hell” was what they called the Sputnik Planitia Penal Colony on Pluto: the toughest, deadliest penitentiary in all of space, a lock-up so remote and forbidding that it was built within an immense iceberg and is guarded by a race of cannibals. Considered escape-proof, Cold Hell was where the worst of the worst were sent, never to be dealt with again…until now.The mysterious Black Pirate has returned, in one swift move blowing open the cell block doors and taking hostages. He’s made demands for the liberation of his hostages, demands only one man can fulfill: Curt Newton, the adventurer known as Captain Future. Yet, as Curt and his strange crew race across the solar system, are they unwittingly entering a cunning trap laid for them by an old enemy?Strap in for the second installment of an epic space adventure by multiple Hugo Award-winning author ALLEN STEELE as he reinvents one of the classic Golden Age heroes of science fiction, Edmond Hamilton’s CAPTAIN FUTURE.

Amazing Selects: Adrift in the Sea of Souls

Published August 2020. ADRIFT IN THE SEA OF SOULS — they call themselves travelers, hopping from body to body, from life to life, but in reality they are body-snatchers. Who are they and what do they want from the stranger who fell into their world? (First publication!) THE WHITE PIANO — In a locked away room, hidden under a sheet, rests a faded old piano. In its glory days it was dazzling white with gold trim, but now in war-torn England, its paint is gray and peeling. No one is allowed to go near it, but sometimes after midnight, a lonely little girl still hears beautiful music. (Reprinted from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.) JACOB IN MANHATTAN — A sequel chapter to the award-winning horror novel, Jacob, this savage novella shows how dangerous it can be to enrage a vampire. Not recommended for the squeamish or anyone under thirty, contains some graphic sex and violence. Don’t read this at bedtime. (First publication!)

Amazing Stories V77 N2

Amazing Stories Fall 2020, with stories and articles by:

Steve Stiles by Steve Davidson (essay)
Interview with Keith R. DeCandido by Darrell Schweitzer (interview)
The Rooster of Io by Marie Vibbert
Robots, Belt Repair and the Singularity by Tom Jolly
Everything But the Moon by Bo Balder
The Great Escape by Ellen Denton
When One Door Closes by D. K. & Jeffrey Blair Latta
Herb Henderson Misses His Mom by Sam Asher
Shade Trees by Lindsey Duncan
The Perils of Intergalactic Dating by Laura Davy

And Artwork that may be eligible –

Cover by Renan Boe
Interiors by

Pete Linforth/Pixabay
Pete Fischer/Pixabay
Olivia Beelby
Sabine Van Eerp/Pixabay
Melisa Des Rosiers

Amazing Selects: No Police = Know Future

Published December, 2020. No Police = Know Future. Edited by James Beamon, Cover art by Renan Boe. Eleven stories, including two reprints. 2020 stories are
Pro Bono Detectives by Ryan Priest
All the Mister Rogerses From Bethel A.M.E. by Jared Oliver Adams
Well Regulated by P.T. MacKim
Freeze Police by Minister Faust
Maricourt’s Waters Quiet and Deep by Stewart C. Baker
When the Call Comes In by Ira Nayman
Apogee, Effigy, Storm by Bronte Christopher Wieland
A More Perfect Union by Jewelle Gomez
Tax Day by Anatoly

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