When Worlds Collide – Online Festival for Readers and Writers Starts Today (FREE)

Online conference this weekend includes a panel about Amaxzing Stories with Publisher Steve Davidson, EIC Ira Nayman, Asst. Editor Liz Hirst and Artistic Director Kermit Woodall

The tenth annual When Worlds Collide conference takes place starting today, August 14, and runs through Sunday, August 16.

Online Guests include:

Among the many interesting panels and presentations, we find this one particularly appealing:

Amazing Stories Magazine
Steve Davidson (publisher), Kermit Woodall (Artistic Director), Liz Hirst (Assistant Editor), Ira Nayman (editor) [M]
Reviving Amazing Stories, the first science fiction magazine, was a daunting proposition. How do you recreate something with such a rich history and make it relevant for a modern
audience? In this panel, the principles behind the rebirth of Amazing Stories explain where the magazine has been and where they hope to take it.
Host: Ira Nayman
Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9333687872?pwd=Y0t3czFaZ0l0TE1aMmp0czRHSC8yZz09

Registration and attendance are free this year. Why not drop in and give it a look?

When Worlds Collide

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