New Fiction: The Quantum Error by Michael Kurland – this Wednesday

Wednesday, August 12th, will see the publication of a new short story by Michael Kurland, author of Lord Darcy, Professor Moriarty series stories, editor of numerous anthologies and one of the three authors – aka interdimensional adventurers – of Ther Greenwich Village Trilogy – The Butterfly Kid (Chester Anderson) The Unicorn Girl (Michael Kurland) and The Probability Pad (T.A. Waters), of which The Quantum Error may or may not be an adjunct story.

We’d like to think that Michael was inspired by our enthusiastic reviews of the trilogy published upon its re-release, but we have not inquired directly for fear that the answer might not be what we were hoping for.

Nevertheless, The Greenwich Village Trilogy has been republished, fittingly in three volumes, and they are available now, which, incidentally, gives the reader plenty of time to consume them prior to the publication of The Quantum Error…or, a handy resource for obtaining them after reading The Quantum Error, which we are pretty sure you will want to do.  (But be warned, reading those three novels will NOT relieve that itch you’ve now got, well, will get (time and reality have a way of getting entangled when in the presence of these books) the one that makes you scratch your head and mumble to yourself “wha…?”.

Your confusion will be aided by Al Sirois’ original illustration.  Promise.


Covers of the original releases and the re-release.
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