AMAZING NEWS: 11-23-19

SPECIAL NOTE:  We’re trying a little something new this week (and going forward); feedback, and the history of our genre, strongly suggests that not only should we gather news from around the web through a variety of resources, but that we should also make them personal by adding the originator’s contact information – an analog of printing name and address following a letter to the editor in the pulps.  We’re now attempting to add something similar to our news bits.  Let us know what you think.  (Names are often separate links to social media or web sites.)

SPECIAL FAREWELLStoried macabre cartoonist Gahan Wilson has passed.  


Banned?  XMas Cartoon Pulls Heart Strings AND Makes a Political Point

Amazon Scam (Not one created by Amazon)

George Takei endorses Buttigeig

SpaceX Creates one problem as they solve another:  Starlink satellite train is ruining observations

Not Reading Has a Direct Impact on US Elections (Stupid is as stupid does)

Transgender Rememberance Day – Brought to notice by Tom Smith

Google’s Cameras for Android Devices Have Been Watching Youfrom Chris Barkley


Michael A. Ventrella shared this commentary on bucket lists on his Facebook feed

From the Shaver Files:  Another boringly prosaic explanation for sightings of aliens

Ruby Kapture offers up this illustrated commentary on the importance of art

Hidden Details in SF Film Posters You May Have Missed (then again, you probably didn’t miss these)

Taral Wayne shares a take on Rocket J Squirrel

Anton Marks says Star Trek 4 is Back

Jenny Jerjes shares a depiction of Saturn from Titan on the International Association of Astronomical Artists page

Barbara Letson shares this bookstore commentary on current events

Concept Art from The Expanse

The Washington Science Fiction Association‘s Mike Walsh Highlights a Collection by Jeffrey Ford, a former Capclave GoH

Ten SF Masterpieces You (May) have missed (not)

More from Mike Walsh:  a cartoonist’s take on the intersection of fantasy quests and apps

Ed Bidwell shares this unusual Atomic Cake design

Megan Nightingale shares these Klingon Dolls with the Star Trek group


Samuel R. Delany has some words about writing reviews

Dave McCarty sends us some pictures from the Chengdou SF Convention in China

Erika Harlitz-Kern on historical change in SF

Jeff Mariotte reminds over on the International Association of Tie In Writers page of this anthology crowd funder ending tomorrow

Sean Grigsby interviews Amazing’s Editor Ira Nayman

Becky Kyle links to these ancient tree pictures – good inspiration for alien landscapes

Over in the FB Science Fiction Group, Christopher Crosby Morris is talking about the author’s cut of The 40 Minute War

Erin Underwood Highlights the first Boskone Mini Interview on the Boskone page

Writing by Hand, some thoughts from Anton Marks

On Fanhistory, Mike Walsh posts a link to File 770’s Coverage of Lenny Kaye’s Fanzine Collection

John DeNardo brings our attention to The Years Top Hard Science Fiction Stories

WAPO Offers up a list of the Top SF & F From 2019

Fictional science in Science Fiction

the Atompunk group’s David Grinnell highlights the Trans Godmother of Electronic Music


The Fastest Star in the Sky

NASA Makes Their Stuff Royalty Free

3D Printed skin, NOW with more blood vessels

How You’ll Live on Mars – if Elon Will Have You

Listen to the Earth:  Magnetic Song, might be related to whale song

Dave Johnson wants us to know that Pluto is a Planet Again!

Solar Energy Startup Backed by Bill Gates Show Promise

This article from details the companies working on the return to the Moon, from Paul Bousquet

Planet DNA may offer up a solution to aging

Who Knew Neutrinos Could Solve Math Problems?

Elephants Walk 12 Miles to Mourn Rescuer, from Mark Chadbourn

Duane Spurlock shares news of the mapping of Titan on the Space Opera page

Hot Wall of Plasma Surrounds the Solar System from Horatio Padua on the Star Trek page

Starship Explodes and Jim Burns reminds us what Musk said about breaking things

Surgical “Freezing” Procedure Could be used for space travel from Orlin Pettit on the Analog FB Group

Star Trek Groups Joseph McGarry wants us to know about the biggest explosion since the big bang

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