Sharing is Caring – or – It Came in the Mail – or – Thank You N3F!

Earlier this year the (very kind, wonderful, intelligent, prescient, charming, witty, good looking, erudite, well-mannered, puissant, courageous, auspicious, persistent and ‘shiny’) folks at the National Fantasy Fan Federation – also known as the “N3F” (cause “F antasy F an F ederation”) – one of the world’s oldest continuously operating fan organizations – chose to honor Amazing Stories magazine by voting it –


during their annual Neffy Awards.

We announced it at the time as we were very jazzed and excited and HONOURED to receive this award;  so much so that it has continuously appeared in a banner at the top of our pages since being formally announced.

But also, far too long ago, I received a formal – suitable for framing – award certificate in the mail and am just getting around to sharing it today.  Not because we have to, but because we WANT to.

So here it is and THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN N3F members for whom there are not enough superlatives to be found in a thesaurus (though we tried)!

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