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Renegade Skyfarer (The Stones of Terrene Book 1)

by RJ Metcalf

The airship crew saved Ben’s life from a dragon, of all things.

When Ben wakes up, he has no memory of his family, his home, or how he got to this strange world. All he knows is what his new crew members tell him: the magical Barrier that protects their land is weakening. Unless they find the artifact that can repair it, all of Terrene will be destroyed and enslaved by the enemies beyond.

But when Ben suspects that danger may lurk closer than dragons or sky pirates, he has to decide: stay and fight with the airship crew, or focus on regaining his lost memory? If he leaves, he risks losing his newfound friends–but if he stays, he might never return home.

Welcome to Terrene–where dragons exist, the past haunts, and magic is no myth.

Welcome aboard the Sapphire.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Fairy Charmed

by Kellie McAllen

Elle has made it her mission to debunk the myths about supernatural creatures ever since her parents went crazy and dumped her in foster care, insisting she was a fairy changeling.

Until she meets Jinx, who turns her world upside with his claims.

When Jinx gets kidnapped, Elle’s only hope is hidden in the legends she denied. Can she face her biggest fears to save the fairy who charmed his way into her heart?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Trouble With Magic

by Trudi Jaye and Tania Hutley

When Saffy Black gets injured, bad things happen. That’s why she’s forbidden from using her magic.

But when she ends up the prime suspect in her cousin’s murder, Saffy’s forced to defy the witch council ruling, and try to use her broken magic to find the killer.

Problem is, the council’s go-to punishment is worse than death.

Throw in a pack of demonic killer dogs, a chicken who hates her, and a hot detective who wants to lock her up, and Saffy doubts she’ll survive the week.

If she does, things are going to get crazy…

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Scott Nicholson

Five years after a devastating solar storm wipes out civilization and spawns a strange race of mutants, Rachel Wheeler and her misfit family must fight to survive. But when Rachel herself begins mutating, she must choose sides with the fate of the human race in the balance.

Previously $3.99

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Last Reaper

by JN Chaney

When a high value scientist is taken hostage inside the galaxy’s most dangerous prison, Halek Cain is the only man for the job.

The last remaining survivor of the Reaper program, Hal is an unstoppable force of fuel and madness. A veteran amputee-turned-cyborg, he has a history of violence and a talent for killing that is unmatched by any soldier.

With the promise of freedom as his only incentive, he’ll stop at nothing to earn back his life from the people who made him, imprisoned him, and were too afraid to let him die.

Experience this exciting beginning to a brand new series set in the Renegade Star universe. If you’re a fan of Escape from New York, Renegade Star, or Deus Ex, you’ll love this epic, scifi thriller.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Memoirs of a Time Traveler

by Doug Molitor

An archaeologist and a time traveler from the future join forces on a global adventure through time, chasing a psychopath whose thefts are starting to alter history.

Along the way, they solve mysteries involving Bronze Age swordsmen, modern-day Nazis, a steampunk world, Albert Einstein, some highly skeptical Founding Fathers and Golden Age Hollywood.

But in a world, where even small changes in the timeline can cause catastrophic consequences, a small mistake may completely destroy the future.

Previously $3.99

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Drakon Book I: The Sieve

by C.A. Caskabel

“The Sieve” is Book I of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.
“I am here to redeem the lives of my wife and daughter. I’ve brought the offering.”
Thus said Da-Ren, the Devil’s First Blade at the gates of the Castlemonastery; His only offering, a jar of honey.
This is his story, as transcribed by the monk Eusebius, as ordered by the Emperor himself.
Book I chronicles Da-Ren’s early years, growing up in a tribe of archers and pagan witches. He enters the Sieve, the forty-day initiation trial that determines the fate of every boy and girl. Many of his comrades will fall, the strong will join the warriors, an elite few will be marked for leadership.
Da-Ren learns to obey the Truths, to hate all other tribes, and to conquer fear. And yet there is one trial that will bring him to his knees.

Previously $0.99

Category: Fantasy – Historical

Drakon Book II: Uncarved

by C.A. Caskabel

“How do the Uncarved die? They bleed to death. Always.”
Fourteen-winter-old Da-Ren joins the Uncarved, the chosen few destined to lead the Tribe. More than forty children train and compete for the next five springs; only one will become Khun and fulfill the Tribe’s destiny.
Da-Ren’s ambition and strength will keep him alive but can he overcome his most powerful and cunning adversary? The one favored by witches and men?

Previously $4.99

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