Bradbury Statute unveiled; Hugo, Alfie, Neffy, Ringo, Munsey, ESFS, Prix Rosny Aine and Pegasus awards; Future Worldcon bids, NESFA contest, more

2019 Pegasus Award Nominees
The 2019 Pegasus Award finalists were announced on August 24. The Pegasus Award is given by the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (OVFF) for excellence in filking. Anyone in the filk community can vote on the winners, and community is broadly defined

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019 ToC Released
Series editor John Joseph Adams and guest editor Carmen Maria Machado have released their selections for the Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019. From the large number of stories that series editor John Joseph Adams screened for this year’s

2019 Prix Rosny Aîné
The recipients of the Prix Rosny Aîné for French science fiction were revealed on August 24 at the French national SF convention at l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. The winners were decided by a vote of the members. ROMANS / NOVELS Estelle FAYE :

Pixel Scroll 8/24/19 Do You Come From A File Down Under, Where Pixels Scroll And Men Chunder
EUROCON NEWS. Eurocon 2021 will be in Fiuggi, Italy from March 18-21. It will be run concurrently with the annual Italcon, and Deepcon, hosted by the Italian cultural association DeepSpaceOne. Future Eurocon bids include 2022 in Esch, the southern

ESFS Awards 2019
The European Science Fiction Society announced the winners of the 2019 ESFS Awards on August 24 at the 41st Eurocon in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Waukegan Public Library Unveils Ray Bradbury Statue
A statue of Ray Bradbury astride a rocket ship was unveiled on Thursday, the author’s 99th birthday, outside the Waukegan Public Library in his hometown. Zachary Oxman’s creation “Fantastical Traveler” was the culmination of a project begun in 2015. Chaired
AUG 23

Pixel Scroll 8/23/19 Pixels Of Lily Help Me Scroll At Night
EATING THE FANTASTIC. Scott Edelman invites listeners to share subcontinental cuisine with Lucy A. Snyder in episode 103 of his Eating the Fantastic podcast. …Lucy A. Snyder’s a seven-time Bram Stoker Award finalist and a five-time winner, including for

The Mandalorian — Official Trailer
The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series, starts streaming on DisneyPlus on November 12. The trailer premiered at D23 today. After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. “The Mandalorian” is

2019 Munsey Award Winner
Publisher George Vanderburgh is the winner of the 2019 Munsey Award. The award was presented at PulpFest in Pittsburgh on August 17. GEORGE VANDERBURGH has published over 600 books through his Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, many of them directly related to the

2019 Ringo Awards Nominees
Voting is now under way in The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards, “an annual celebration of the creativity, skill and fun of comics.” The nominees were announced August 21. Of the five nominees in each “Best” category , two

One Went Twice, One Tried Twice
by John Hertz: (reprinted from No Direction Home 25) Earlier (here) I told of Owen Garriott 1930-2019 (age 88), the first astronaut to operate an amateur radio station from Space (call sign W5LFL). He was the science pilot of Skylab 3 (1973); he went again on Space

Pixel Scroll 8/22/19 Release The Dungeons And The Dragons
YOUNG PEOPLE READ AGAIN. James Davis Nicoll introduces the next phase of the program: “Young People Read Old Science Fiction: Rediscovery!” The next phase of Young People Read Old Science Fiction focuses on a single reference text, Journey Press’s

CoNZealand Assumes Role as Next Worldcon
With Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon ending its five-day run, CoNZealand has picked up the reins as host of the next World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). CoNZealand will be the 78th Worldcon and will take place from Wednesday, July

Taking Inventory of Future Worldcon Bids
Next year fans will choose the site of the 2022 Worldcon for which Chicago is currently running unopposed. Beyond that? Dublin 2019’s Fannish Inquisition session witnessed a changing of the guard. A Memphis in 2023 bid was revealed, and the

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask — Special Irish Worldcon Edition, Day Five
DAY FIVE By Chris M. Barkley: Author’s Note: This column is being written on the day after our return from Ireland. Because, time travel. AND jet lag. Field Notes BREAKING NEWS: I received a text from John and incredibly, Carole’s

Pixel Scroll 8/21/19 Soylent SFWA Is Made Of People
BLUE PLAQUE SPECIAL. Once upon a time GRRM lived in Chicago, a fact not to be overlooked by anyone seeking a sweet price for the property. NBC Chicago lets you “See Inside: ‘GoT’ Creator George R.R. Martin’s Former Uptown

Storm Over Campbell Award
The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer has been presented at the Worldcon since 1973, two years after Campbell’s death. The 47th winner was Jeannette Ng. Will there be a 48th? Many are responding to her acceptance remarks

NESFA 2019-2020 Short Story Competition Taking Entries
The 2019-2020 NESFA Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest is accepting entries through September 30. The contest “encourages amateur and semi-professional writers to reach the next level of proficiency.” The complete guidelines are here. Ineligible are writers who have

More of Daniel Dern’s Dublin 2019 Photos
I didn’t wear my High Seas Trading space shirt at the con, but he did… Jeff Wildman More pictures by Daniel Dern follow the jump. Supportasaur? Turian Lannister Grainne Gillespie From closing ceremonies, some of the (many) volunteers Hodges Figgis

Pixel Scroll 8/20/19 My Name Is Pixel, Scrolled Pixel
HUGO STATS. Dublin 2019 Hugo Administrator Nicholas Whyte has published his analysis of the voting: “2019 Hugos in detail, and reflections on the viability of Best Fanzine”. It begins — All but two of the winners had the most

2019 Alfie Awards
George R.R. Martin presented Jane Johnson and Malcolm Edwards with Alfie Awards for Editing at the Hugo Losers Party last weekend. Jane Johnson said, “Such a wonderful honour. We editors work in the shadows, and that’s how it should be,

2019 Neffy Awards
George Phillies, President of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, editor of TNFF, and ballot counter, has announced the winners of the National Fantasy Fan Federation Speculative Fiction Awards, the Neffys, Best Novel (over 100,000 words) Against Three Lands – George

Pixel Scroll 8/19/19 Click, Click, Click Went The Pixel, Post, Post, Post Went The Scroll
The Dublin 2019 juggernaut coasted slowly to a stop today. Here is a sampling of people’s farewell tweets. (1) PROGRAMMING. (2) RIBBONS. (3) MEDALS. (4) T-SHIRT. (5) FEEDBACK SESSION. (6) OOK OOK. Something from the HOAX daily newzine: (7) CLOSING

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask — Special Irish Worldcon Edition, Day Four
DAY FOUR By Chris M. Barkley: Field Notes Damn it, why didn’t I pack a pair of blue jeans? I mean, blue colored blue jeans? It would have SO matched the shade of blue of my Samuel R. Delany t-shirt.

Dublin 2019 Photos by Rich Lynch – Monday
Wow, a front row seat! …at the “Really Big Telescopes” science panel. Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Dr. David L. Clements, Dr. Inge Heyer, David DeGraff More photos from Rich Lynch follow the jump. “Breaking the Glass Slipper” live podcast Your

Daniel Dern’s Monday Dublin 2019 Photos
The Harp Bridge as seen from the CCD More of Daniel Dern’s photos follow the jump. Yes, a real De Lorean but not THE De Lorean Dern and yet another filing Filer Scott Edelman proffering the non fantastic to Locus

Dublin 2019 WSFS Business Meeting Day 4
Corina Stark completed the marathon today with notes of Monday’s session, “WSFS Business Meeting 3”, which can be read on Alex Acks’ blog. Once video of the meeting has been uploaded, it will be available at Worldcon Events on YouTube.

Pixel Scroll 8/18/19 I Am Most Definitely Not Left Pixeled. That Would Be Sinister
A skeleton Scroll – but there are only so many hours in the day! (1) DUBLIN 2019 MASQUERADE AWARDS. Issue #8 of the Worldcon daily newzine has the full list of Masquerade award winners — [PDF file]. (2) WORLDCON

Daniel Dern’s Sunday Dublin 2019 Photos
Yr humble correspondent at the helm That would be Starship Captain Dern, putting the vessel through its paces More of Dern’s photos follow the jump. Peter S Beagle reading John, dressed for the Hugos, sez hi to Mike Stark Holborn,

Dublin 2019 Photos by Rich Lynch — Sunday
This is the guy who kept me in fandom 33 years ago … but that’s another story. (Kees Van Toorn) More pictures by Rich Lynch after the jump. “Meet the Guests of Honour” hour Held at the convention’s pub, of

Dublin 2019 WSFS Business Meeting Day 3
Corina Stark provided full notes of the Sunday session in “WSFS Business Meeting 2”, which can be read on Alex Acks’ blog. Once video of the meeting has been uploaded, it will be available at Worldcon Events on YouTube. The

2021 Site Selection Confirms Washington DC
Washington D.C.’s unopposed bid to host the 2021 Worldcon was officially voted in this weekend at Dublin 2019. The name of the convention will be DisCon III. Bill Lawhorn and Colette H. Fozard are the co-chairs. The committee announced their

2019 Hugo Awards
The winners of the were presented August 18 at a ceremony in Dublin, Ireland. Hugo Administrator Nicholas Whyte reported there were 3,097 total votes cast (3,089 online, 8 paper ballots). The voting statistics are online here [PDF …

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