Or So You Say… Questions and Comments from Our Readers

I’d really like to get something like the letter columns the magazines used to run – it was always interesting to see what others thought of the stories and the art and the editorial commentary.

In honor of that tradition, here are some of the latest questions and comments we’ve heard from our readers and subscribers. (No names as we’ve not asked formal permission:)

“I am visually handicapped and the print in the first issue was great. Will you be changing that?”

No, and I’m quite glad to hear that we unintentionally addressed this issue.  Our designer (Kermit) and the rest of the team were determined to produce a layout that reflected our vision and that addressed some of the trends we’ve witnessed in magazines over the past several decades.  Above all, we wanted the presentation to be pleasing and to be a bit different from other, similar publications.  We think we’ve managed that.

“When will the next issue be published?
How are digital subscriptions being handled?
In which format are the eBooks being provided?
Are they DRM-free?
Can I put them on any eBook reader or just specific ones?”

Well.  To take them one at a time:

Amazing Stories is currently on a quarterly schedule, so a new issue is published every three months.  That schedule is –
Fall – August
Winter – November
Spring – February
Summer – May

We’re going to be sliding the schedule a little bit so that eventually our Spring issue comes out in April, the traditional anniversary month for Amazing Stories, but that hasn’t happened yet.  We will be sure to make announcements as appropriate  The next issue comes out this month, November.

Ummm- electronically?  When you subscribe for an electronic subscription, you will receive an email with download links after your subscription is processed.  After that, you will be emailed the links for new issues as they are published.

We offer electronic subscriptions in Epub, Mobi and PDF.  No one needs to select a format, subscribers are emailed links for all three for each issue.

Yes, we are DRM free.  There seems little point in adding that encumberance when we know full well that someone, somewhere, will obtain a digital copy and put it out there for free pirated download, for those people who don’t understand that purchasing a subscription is how they ensure we can produce future issues, and we don’t begrudge those people who want to read the magazine but simply can’t afford a subscription.

With access to all three of the most popular electronic formats, our readers ought to be able to read the magazine on the device of their choice.

Well, that wraps it up for now.  We’re looking forward to our second issue just as much, if not more, than everyone else – if only so we can see what happens to Captain Future!

Editor’s Note:  Or So You Say….was the title of the letter column in Amazing Stories during the Ted White era, and the column in which my own questions and commentary appeared.

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