AMAZING NEWS: 7/28/19 – Almost the End of July Edition (Also – Almost Time for Worldcon Edition)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Voting for the Hugo Awards closes in just a couple of days.  If you are eligible to vote and have not done so, PLEASE DO! – But do so responsibly:  vote for things you know, vote your personal preferences, don’t be afraid to leave a spot or two blank if you’re unfamiliar with a work or a category and please – Don’t participate in block voting.  Voting for or against something because “everyone is doing it”; voting to send a political message, voting to “get something an award because…cachet” is not in keeping with the intent of the Hugo Awards.   For more information, visit Dublin2019 and (AND) The Hugo Awards websites.

Other Special Note:  We are pleased to announce that Amazing Stories is on the final ballot for the N3F’s Neffy Awards in the Best Magazine (2019) category!  (National Fantasy Fan Federation – N3F)


Too Rich:  Trump Addresses Students in Front of a Hacked Presidential Seal

Report:  “Highly Likely” Civilization Could END By 2050

We Don’t Have 12 Years to Save the Planet:  More Like 18 MONTHS



The Fan who may have (accidentally) started the whole Moon Hoax conspiracy – complete with Stanley Kubrick (scroll to the bottom of page 4)

Harlan Ellison hosts an airing of The Prisoner

Steve Stiles, self-portrait, comic book style

Black Science Fiction/Afrofuturist Science Fiction is producing some fantastic art

Gang Violence – with Light Sabers

Fifty Best SF Novels 

The 1950’s SF Flick No One Ever Saw

Charles Addam’s At the Patent Attorney Cartoon

Tarantino Trek:  Will get rid of Kelvin Timeline

TWD SDCC Trailer

Villeneuve’s Dune Production Wraps

Harlan and friends at Clarion

Transcript of Robert A. Heinlein’s GoH Speech – 1941



Lots of discussion being generated by J. Michael Straczynski’s autobiography and a talk

THIS is how you promote a book:  Jack Clemons running all over the eastern seaboard, delivering lectures and (this time a TV show) more

Info for anyone who may be bringing a contribution to WOOF to Worldcon

More Old-Timey Fanzines scanned

British Fantasy Awards Shortlist

Senator and Presidential Candidate Booker Goes to SDCC

NESFA Press has released their e-book edition of Moskowitz’s The Immortal Storm (Now there is NO excuse for fans not to be familiar with one version of fannish history)

Uncanny Magazine – Year Six

Anthology of Spec Fic by Palestinian Authors:  Palestine +100

Anyone Remember Letraset?

Afrofuturism – Taking Over SF

Homer Hickam – Rocket Boy – testifies before Congress:  “We need to go back to the Moon”

ALA Up in Arms Over MacMillan E-Book Embargo



Chris Kraft, the man who created NASA’s culture, has died

Not Quite 50 Years On:  Skylab debris rained all over Australia and some folks made money

Saturn 1 Rocket – FREE (plus $250,000 shipping)

Cool Video of a true-to-scale Solar System created in the desert

Pic of a Soviet Satellite Killer Unearthed

Zero G Pee Discussion Goes Viral

No White Cliffs of Dover for Flyboard Inventor

Morgan Freeman Proposes Space Day – turn off all the lights so we can see the galaxy!

School Course Syllabi Database – who is teaching whom and how often?

Carbon Tube Based Lithiumn Battery Could Double Battery Life

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