Get Free Comics On May the Fourth Holiday

Just a short reminder that today, May the Fourth, a special holiday for fans of Star Wars, has been co-opted by comic books in a blatant attempt to drown the public in nerdy, geeky goodness.

One does wonder at the viability of this plan.  It’s really not possible to read comics while watching Star Wars flicks; you can’t really read Star Wars comics while watching superhero movies either…these are serial experiences, not parallel ones.  Of course, it might be possible to read a Star Wars comic while watching a Star Wars movie, like following a libretto along while watching a space opera….

But that’s all just philosophical sophics.  The really important message for today is – It’s a Saturday, which suggests most people will have access to a tad more disposable leisure time than usual, some of which might be used to obtain FREE COMICS (which, in our opinion, is never a bad thing.  Neither part of that is bad – not the FREE part nor the COMICS part, and we hasten to add that combining the two, at least in this particular instance, is double plus never a bad thing!).

But how and where?

Funny you should ask that.

We have RESOURCES, we do.  Here’s some of them

Where to find participating comic book stores near you

What comics are being given away for free?

There may be (will be) limited availability of at least some of the titles being offered, so get out there early and then spend the rest of the fourth lounging out with your comics (you probably need the rest).

But don’t get out there too early…I’m hoping to pick some up myself.

Happy May the Fourth and Happy Free Comic Books Day to you all!

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