SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Amazing Stories is proud to announce that Jack Clemons’ Safely to Earth has won the NFPW’s National Award for Memoir.  You can read samples of some of the blog posts that would be collected for this work right here


Actor Kelly Marie Tran Gets Standing Ovation at Star Wars Celebration (after being hounded off of social media by jerks)

Harry Reid on the Rise of Anti-Semitism

A New National Holiday? Lets Celebrate Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox as a teaching tool (How the hell are retailers going to make any money selling white flags?)

A Case FOR “Chain Migration” – Isaac Asimov


The Following Program Contains Adult Language.  Of COURSE it does, it’s Gene Wolfe, Harlan Ellison and Isaac Asimov

Gareth Powell on BBC Radio Talking About Fleet of Knives

Ummm…here’s a visual comment on Disney’s Acquisition of Star Wars

Nimoy Sings for Hobbit Day

Mark Whalberg IS the Six Billion Dollar Man (don’t they have to up the price tag for inflation? it’d be 35 billion today…)

Really Cool NCC-1701 Rocker

Alastair Reynolds Explores Time Travel

DirectTV Wants to know which is better, LOTR the movie or LOTR, the book(s).  (Reminder. We’re a literary fandom)

A Plethora of Photos of Australian Fans at Australian Conventions;  all have been turned 180 degrees for easier viewing

Get Your Glorfindel Here

Tingle’s Take – Redacted in the Butt by Redacted

17 Photos…One is (kinda) from Mars


RIP Grand Master Gene Wolfe more Gene Tribute

Disastrous Decline of Author’s Earnings – not just Amazon’s fault (but they helped)

Inter-generational Warfare (at least among authors and readers) is a “fool’s errand” states Gerrold

Lawrence M. Schoen to be GoH at Beijing Convention

ST Fans Want a Pike Series

Daniel M. Kimmel’s Brand of SF Humor Featured in Newspaper Article

China’s Future Affairs Division Announces APSFCon

Blah Blah Clueless Mainstream Writers Diss SF Once Again, blah, blah, blah and more.  Read the comments on this piece

Open Call – Fiddler’s Green

MMO playing fast and loose with copyright…and its fans


We’re NOT Living in a Simulation (say scientists who conducted their experiments from within the simulation…)

First Political Speech from the Ocean’s Depths – a plea to save the oceans

You’re Breathing Microplastics

East Coast Meteor

Buy A T. Rex On Ebay?  Yes, you can

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