As Amazing Stories approaches the completion of its first year of regular magazine publication (not to mention the beginning of our 8th year of being a thing), there are a lot of changes taking place behind the scenes – planning mostly.

We’ve been surveying, questioning, analyzing and predicting.  However, at some point you’ve got to start implementing.  Following are some of our up-coming projects that might be opportunities for writers.

We want to greatly expand our coverage of conventions.  To that end we’re working on better ways to distribute the magazine through conventions.  In support of that, we’re putting together a program designed to increase participation in our calendar of events, which includes a promotional element for conventions.  In support of that, we’re looking for fans who have or who would like to try their hand at writing convention coverage reports.  There are certain professional and journalistic requirements for such reports (things we expect most folks can easily accomodate).  We’ll likely be paying for a ConReport that meets our requirements with products from our store – subscriptions, books, posters, etc.  If you are interested, get in touch.

We’re looking to provide a little more in-depth coverage of various aspects of the field as we’ve been doing with regular columns like Noticias Literatura (Spanish language publishing coverage), Anime Roundup, New Releases in SF Romance, and starting next month coverage of the Black Science Fiction scene.  We’d like to particularly focus on the various popular sub-genres of the SF/F/H fields.  Do you have a passion for Space Opera?  Mil-SF?  New Pulp?  If you think you can provide insight into your fave with mini-reviews, market analysis, trends, new releases & etc., on anything from a weekly to a monthly basis get in touch!

And as always, if you think you’d like to try your hand at writing about any of the following subjects on anything from an irregular basis to a regular weekly column, feel free to make a pitch:  SF, Fantasy, Horror literature; film, television, gaming, visual arts, fandom, audio works, the publishing business, the business of writing, comics, etc.


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