FOUR new Journey Planets released, Pixel Scroll titles going farther a-field, novelpalooza and a new anthology for author’s medical charity

2018 Novellapalooza
[Editor’s note: be sure to read the comments on this post for more novellas and more Filer reviews.] By JJ: I’m a huge reader of novels, but not that big on short fiction. But the last few years, I’ve done

By John Hertz: (reprinted from Vanamonde 1333) It’s the centennial year of Theodore Sturgeon. Let us salute him. He left seven novels, one published posthumously; two hundred shorter stories, republished in two dozen collections, then fully in The Complete Stories,

Astronomer Christian Ready Will Livestream the New Horizons Flyby Beginning New Year’s Eve
[Bill Higgins forwarded this press release with a note, “I myself will be at the center, and hope to help Chris Ready with the program — I’ve already agreed to an interview.”] Christian Ready is an astronomer whose presentations on

Pixel Scroll 1/5/19 Mr. Gorn, Tear Down This Suit
NOVIK SPEAKS OUT FOR FANFIC. In “Freed From Copyright, These Classic Works Are Yours To Adapt”, NPR discusses works newly entering public domain, and the writerly impulse to appropriate or retell stories. A large body of films, music, and

Unfettered III – Great Stories, Helping Authors and Artists
By JJ: Grim Oak Press and editor Shawn Speakman produce the Unfettered anthologies and other special editions – part of the proceeds of which is used to help pay medical fees for authors and artists in need: Unfettered: Lacking health

Pixel Scroll 1/4/19 I’ll Go Down To The Computer Bank And Watch Peaceful Pixels Scroll
OKORAFOR IS PERSON OF THE YEAR. Nnedi Okorafor was named Person of the Year at the 2018 African Diaspora Awards presented December 1 reports the Amsterdam News. The Society for Africans in Diaspora held their eighth annual African Diaspora

As Her Wimsey Takes Me
By John Hertz: I’m a big fan of Dorothy L. Sayers’ translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Even Gillian Polack agrees the annotations are superb. Larry Niven says the Comedy is S-F, but what do I know? Sayers (1893-1957) wrote a

Pixel Scroll 1/3/19 Up Pixelscope
NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON TALK SHOW PULLED. Variety’s Michael Schneider, in “Nat Geo Pulls Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ‘Star Talk’ Amid Misconduct Allegations” says that the National Geographic Channel has suspended Neil deGrasse Tyson’s show StarTalk with only three of its

Pixel Scroll 1/2/19 A Noble Pixel Embiggens The Smallest Scroll.
A STRANGER FOURTH. A creepy New Year’s countdown heralds the third season of Stranger Things. 1985 will never be the same. Stranger Things returns for a third season July 4, 2019 on Netflix. (2) WHO SPECIAL CHALKS UP FEWER

Pixel Scroll 1/1/19 We’re Going To Need A Bigger Scroll
You deserve a bigger one, but let’s pretend this Scroll came out on time! (1) FANGRRLS INTERVIEWS KOWAL. [Item by Mike Kennedy.] SYFY Wire’s Fangrrls column keeps dropping posts, in this case an interview with an author I had the

Pixel Scroll 12/31/18 Three…(Click)…Two…(Click)….One…(Click)…Godstalk!
DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL AIRS TOMORROW. And you can preview the New Year’s Day Special Doctor Who: Resolution. The Doctor Who cast talk about what to expect in the New Years Day Special, Doctor Who: Resolution. (2) THE YEAR’S MOST

2018: A Space Essay
By Rich Lynch: It’s the final day of 2018 as I’m writing this, and the month of December has featured two news stories about space exploration. The one of immediate interest is the New Horizons deep space probe, which is

Four New Journey Planets Ascend to Orbit
By James Bacon. Journey Planet has just published four issues in quick succession. Covering a wide variety of subjects and with co-editors James Bacon and Chris Garcia the consistent constant, there have literally been 3 fanzines a day made available

Pixel Scroll 12/30/18 Pixel Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, And Scroll All Over Again
ELIGIBILITY DEADLINE 12/31. Is it time for you to panic? Let Camestros Felapton’s animated Panic Blob lead the way to the Dublin 2019 membership page. As they explain at The Hugo Awards website (“Join Worldcon by December 31, 2018

New Year Honours List 2019
Authors Margaret Atwood and Philip Pullman are two of many genre figures on the United Kingdom’s New Year Honours List for 2019 [PDF file] published December 28. There is also Michael Palin, launched to fame with the Monty

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