We’ve been holding off on announcing anything, but now that Sy Fy Wire has gone public, there’s little point in holding off.

Several days ago, various local and web-based news sources that cover castting calls and filiming announcements in Georgia announced that a project called “Puget Sound” had issued casting calls.

It was subsuquenttly revealed that Puget Sound is the code name for the Amazing Stories television show.

The website for WMAZ, Channel 13, announced that filming had begun in Forsyth, Georgia, with the Forsyth courthouse being re-named the Bradford Police department.

11Alive’s website reported essentially the same (scroll down)

The SouthernCasttingCall website details tthe kinds of extras being looked for (no aliens mentioned)

Another casting call

Same from Fanbolt

And a columnist for the Monroe County website covers it as well.

We certainly hope things go well and hope that this suggests that Apple has finalized its plans for its streaming service, which has previously touted Amazing Stories as one of its premiere offerings.

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