Amazing Stories is pleased to announce that we have our first pair of winners of the weekly Amazing SF Trivia Contest!

The first ever Amazing SF Trivia Contest question was:

Where and when did the phrase Science Fiction next appear in common usage, referring specifically to the genre we are all familiar with?

(The correct answer will contain a publication name and a year of publication.  Bonus points for the month.)

The correct answer, vetted by none other than famed SF magazine historian and editor Mike Ashley, is


Publisher Hugo Gernsback used the phrase throughout the issue, including multiple times in his introductory editorial.

The first contestant to enter a complete correct answer, including the (bonus points) month of the issue, is member

Bruce Diamond

Once all of the particulars have been received, Bruce will win a 1 Year Digital Subscription to Amazing Stories (and a lapel pin for his bonus!)

Our second winner, drawn randomly from all entrants is –

Lynda Manning-Schwartz

who will also receive a 1 Year Digital Subscription to Amazing Stories!

A new contest begins today! Try your hand at the Amazing SF Trivia contest and you could win one of two weekly prizes – a 1 year digital subscription to Amazing Stories.

Contest Rules can be found here.

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