Amazing SF Trivia Contest Rules and Regulations

The following constitutes the official guidelines by which the contest shall be conducted.

For questions regarding contest rules, please contact the publisher.


Participants must be Registered Members of the website.  There is no fee for website membership and all that is required is a user name and a valid email address.  You can register for membership at any time, even during the course of one of the trivia contests.

Each contest will be open from its initial publication on Wednesday at 11 am EST until its close at Midnight EST of the following Tuesday.

A valid entry consists of a comment to the Trivia Question Post that offers an answer to the trivia question;  comments that are unrelated to the trivia question answer will not be considered a valid entry and will be deleted from the contest entries.  A “correct” answer will be determined by Amazing Stories staff at their sole discretion.  Correct spelling is requested but not a determining factor.  The correct answer to the trivia question will be posted when the contest closes.

Two different prizes, each consisting of a 1 year (4 issues) digital subscription to Amazing Stories, will be awarded in each contest.

One prize will be awarded to the Member who provides the first correct answer to the Trivia Question in the comments section of the Trivia Question post.  The First Correct Answer will be determined by the date and time at which our server receives and posts the comment.

One prize will be awarded to a randomly selected entrant, utilizing a third party application designed for that purpose.

Members may make multiple comments on an individual question.  Only correct answers will be counted for prize determination.  If a single individual posts multiple correct answers and wins, only one prize will be awarded to that individual.

Multiple answers from the same individual will increase a member’s chances of winning the random draw prize, but will not increase the number or prizes that can be won.

If the winner of the random draw prize is the same member that provided the first correct winning answer, they will be awarded the prize for first correct winning answer and another random draw winner will be selected so that two individual winners are selected for the prize each week.

The winners of each contest will be announced at the beginning of a new contest.  Winners will also be informed via email (please make sure to update your membership email address).  Winners must respond to their email notification and claim their winnings within 48 hours.  Unclaimed winning(s) will be awarded to the next eligible contestant until the prize has been awarded or the pool of eligible contestants has been exhausted, in which case that week’s random draw prize will be voided.

Winners of a contest (either first winning answer or random draw) may only win once in a contest year.  If a previous winner of either award wins again during the same contest year, their win will be voided and the prize awarded to the next eligible Member.

Winnings may not be combined with other Trivia contest winnings, nor may they be combined with any other discounts or sales offered by The Experimenter Publishing Company, LLC.

The SF Trivia Contest prize (1 year electronic subscription to Amazing Stories) has no intrinsic monetary value;  the prize(s) awarded may not be exchanged for cash or any other alternatives.

All decisions regarding the selection of winners and the awarding of prizes are final and not subject to review or alteration.

At the end of the contest year, all winning contestants (first correct answer or random draw) will be entered into a drawing for an Amazing Stories lapel pin.  Winner must provide a valid mailing addrress.

How to Participate in the Amazing Stories SF Trivia Contest(s).

Log onto the site (or register for Membership if not already a site member)
Click on the trivia post
Read the trivia question
Scroll down to the comments section
Enter your answer to the question on the first line of your comment
Do not place anything else on the same line as your answer
Leave a line space before any commentary in addition to your answer
Post your comment