Cover & Content Reveal – Volume 76, Number 2

I have resisted the strong temptation to once again resort to referencing GoT in announcing the imminent arrival of the Amazing Stories, Winter 2018 issue.

I could have gone and once again made reference to winter coming;  I could have made some bones about subscriber’s winter arriving ahead of HBO’s.  I could even have made economic comparisons – our winter is less expensive than theirs (by comparing subscription price to a year’s worth of HBO subscription: GoT typically spans three months of airtime and at $14.95 per month, one season comes in at $44.85) – but on the other hand you can’t really make a direct comparison.  After all, we don’t have dragons, colossal ice walls or white walkers.

On the other hand, we do have Captain Future, and a whole host of other great science fiction tales.

Without further ado – our printer’s advanced looksee at the NEXT issue of Amazing Stories!

On a personal note, I don’t need to stretch to make wintery connections.  As I sit here behind the typer (that expression makes no sense as Daskeyboard is in front of me…), there’s about 8 inches of snow on the ground right on the other side of my office wall.  It makes for chilly mornings in need of things that can brighten up the day.  Such as our table of contents:

Our cover this issue is by M. D. Jackson

Ira Nayman
There are always new ideas in science fiction, but those who crave them must look in new places.

Nina Allan Interview
Gary Dalkin
An interview with Nina Allan, author of The Race and The Rift, and winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award.

Citizens of the Solar System
Jack Clemons
Science columnist Jack Clemons explores why we’re here and where space exploration could go.

Captain Future in Love (part 2, conclusion)
Allen Steele
Curt Newton’s story of his youthful encounter with Ashi Lanyr on the orbital Venera Stratos conclude.

Robot on Rampage
Lena Ng
Not only can girls build robots, they can outsmart them.

The Asteroid Contention
Marina J. Lostetter
Two asteroid-prospecting sisters get more than they bargained for when they claim to a strange space rock.

Bold New Flock
Neal Holtschulte
A young idealist pushes for a new and unique method of thought and collaboration, but others think his idea is for the birds.

The Ransom of Red Robot (Beta)
Daniel M. Kimmel
With a nod to O. Henry, a tale of a kidnapping that doesn’t goes as expected.

Reset in Peace
Julie Novakova
If you could revive your loved ones who’d passed, albeit in the form of a software simulation, would you?

In the Republic of the Blind
G. Scott Huggins
When their colony is offered the “mercy” of genetic perfection, no one will fight harder than the midwives of station Stillhere.

Alison’s Bluff
Noah Chinn
What do elite psychic agents do when they’re off duty? Take a night of poker to a new level, naturally!

A Horse and Her Boy
Vonnie Winslow Crist
William’s parents have an equine automaton made to keep him company on the lonely space habitat.

SF in Film
Steve Fahnestalk
Film columnist Steve Fahnestalk
interviews Miles Teves, who has been responsible for some of films most iconic visuals.

Off the Top of My Head
Shirley Meier
In her first column on the writer’s life, Shirley Meier tackles the age old question, “Where do you get your ideas from?”

Art throughout the issue by –



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