Review: Ghost Squad

Fans of the popular paranormal documentaries that follow “professional” investigators as they travel to known haunted locations are often drawn to the episodes for two primary reasons. Some are drawn to the prospect of seeing eerie connections with the other side while others look for clues to debunk the seemingly supernatural events as natural occurrences or even worse, the possibility of a hoax.

Then there are those who watch for pure entertainment, and that is what you will find when you watch Ghost Squad. Available to view for the first time here, this fast-paced mockumentary pilot directed by Andi Kushnir (Truth & Iliza, Cards Against Humanity) who also co-wrote the episode with Carley Moseley (Second City) will appeal to the believers as well as the unbelievers.

This bizarre little story has a lot of charm, even while set in a such a dark, twisted setting where a murder had gone wrong. But the strength of the show rests in the tight cast of characters who bumble their way through each scene with seemingly hidden demons of their own.

Desperado Miller (Abby McEnany) is the team leader with a chip on her shoulder whose biggest obstacle is own insecurities.  Frank Fanning (Damian Anaya) is a cryptozoologist who is perhaps the sanest member of the squad. Zorba Dinkel (Jo Feldman) and Orba Dinkel (Neil Jacobsen) are clairvoyant twins who believe in their mystic powers a lot more than those around them. Sendick X (Peter Kim) is a goth psychic exorcist who claims to have “crossed over” and returned. Wind Larmer (Carley Moseley, co-writer) is a motivational speaker, an odd field of expertise in the paranormal field, but provides some of the funniest is nor awkward moments.

Ghost Squad team leader Desperado Miller
Ghost Squad night cam scene







Being a mockumentary, Ghost Squad is a story that laughs at itself just as much as it pokes fun at the paranormal realm and those who dare to examine it. Rest assured, this is not just a silly romp where an old prospector’s plan of deception is foiled by a group of meddling kids. But when the smoke settles, viewers will be wanting more from this wacky team and looking forward to their next spooky adventure.

Ghost Squad exorcism scene

Ghost Squad was designated as an Official Selection of the 2018 New York Television Festival. NYTVF is a community of artists who thrive to get their work connected with noted agents, studios, and major networks.

So, if you’re in the industry or just a fan of good, comedic writing and acting, check it out.

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