AMAZING NEWS: Nine September 2018: Toot Our Own Horn Edition

SPECIAL:  As of this very moment, we have not received a single ‘bad’ review for our debut issue.  To sum up:  “excellent” and “wonderful” seem to be the words of choice used to describe our contents and “looks great” summarizes how readers feel about our design and layout.  We are, of course, most proud of the many “thank you for bringing it back” notes we’ve received.

You’ll all be happy to know that the fiction content for our next issue – Winter 2018 – has all been selected.  Editing commences, as does the selection of art.  We’re still filling subscriptions (the local PO was unable to handle the deluge in one sitting;  they are now denuding the regional NH post offices for appropriate stampage) and we are receiving inquiries regarding advertising, not to mention ooodles (official measure) of submissions.


Teaching Science Fiction is Essential – it teaches Active learning

Brianna Wu Begins 2020 Campaign

Are We Ready for Future War?

Body Modifications.  The Future of Fashion? (“Hips, Callipygean; face, hairless; supra-orbital lobes, non-existent. You would term her female at once, although it is true that you might wonder just what species she was a female of, being confused by the tail, the silky pelt or the gill slits behind each ear.” – Day Million, Frederick Pohl)


New Folio Society’s Edition of We by Zemyatin – spectacular!

The Forgotten Greats of Science Fiction (we stand on the shoulder’s of giants.  Might be nice to make their acquaintance.)

Grandma’s and Knitting – it never changes!  (Mine knitted socks and underwear for my GI Joes)

SF&F Crime Drama

What Might Replace Game of Thrones?  Here’s FORTY THREE possibilities

The Greatest First Line in Science Fiction?

Dave Chalker on Gaming in the Washington Post

Sorry To Bother You is Must See!


Ellison on Receiving Awards

Book Making- fascinating!

Call for Submissions:  Neurodivergent Guide to Spacetime

This Week in New Releases

In Seeming Solidarity with the Hugo Awards, The Motion Picture Academy Rejects a “Popular” Award Proposal for the Oscars

Call for Submissions:  John Silence RPG based, to focus on non-white/POC/ethnically and racially marginalized psychic detectives in an alternate American noir setting

ICFA Call for Papers  Not Just A Cabal (lol)

Don’t You Just Love It When Everyone Else Starts Telling US How Important Science Fiction Is?


US Geological Survey is Getting Serious About Asteroids (“Federation Survey Service”, here we come)

Kepler is Awake!

An Eclipsing Binary Star that Exhibits a Relativistic Beaming Effect

When is something moving at four times light speed not moving faster than light?

Curated by Ruby Kapture.
Featured Image – NASA

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