AMAZING NEWS: 9-16-2018


Han Solo Speaks Out:  “Stop giving power to people who do not believe in science”  (he should have said “accept science”…it’s NOT a faith thing)

NASA Thinking About Becoming A Billboard. (This Launch Brought to You by (some company that could care less about space exploration)

Like Your Beer?  Thank a Woman for That

Rise of the Sexbots

Our Educational System is Not Serving NeuroAtypicals Well

Are Science Popularizers Bad for Science?

West Nile Virus Spreading in NH (Amazing HQ ‘Safe’ for now)

Fashion and Body Modification (may be a bit disturbing)

Disturbing for sure:  Cell Phone National Alert System can ONLY be authorized by the President


The ABBA-Marvel Universe

Bizarre Scientifiction-Looking Film Choreography from the 30s

Freaks:  Don’t say anything, just watch it

He Doesn’t Want to be Superman Any More

Even in Near Zero-G, Usain Bolt is the Fastest

Moon:  The Best Bouncy House Ever

Space X to Announce Passenger for A Trip Around the Moon

Forgotten Books:  Aftermath

Trading Card Database:  A List of SF-Related Trading Card Sets

The Physics of The Expanse

Orbit Ever After – New DUST short film

Stan Lee:  Inspired by Super Heroes

Remake of The Secrets of NIMH in the works

Review of Predator Remake

Celebrate XMas Early with Kirk and Pike

Who Are the Greatest SF Robots of All Time?

Two New Ships Come to Star Trek Online

Hulu’s The First Debuts


It’s ALL Campbell’s Fault (fan historians will have to judge which of our founding editors was more venal – Hugo “the rat” Gernsback who defined the genre, published its first magazine, started fandom but also failed to pay his writers sometimes, or John “the fascist” Campbell Jr., who borrowed Hugo’s definition, was gifted with the best budget in the field and used it to impose bigoted and misogynistic restrictions on the works he published, while also promoting bullshit science.  (Harsh, but if we’re going to play the game of mining the past in order to undercut it, we may as well go in whole hog.)

SF Authors Can Relax…for Now: Writing Algorithm is not quite up to pro level…yet 

But Artists May Not Be Able to Relax…

Smarter Than We Think. Anthropocentrism distorts our view of animal intelligence

TAFF Nominations Schedule Announced

Beth Toeme is Gone

Steven Barnes Awarded LASFS’ Forry Award

Escape Pod Opens for Submissions

CORFLU Rate Announcement

They Had Science Fiction in the Medieval Era (No, they didn’t…they hardly even knew what “science” was….)

It’s the Golden Age of Chinese SF

Review of Liu’s Ball Lightning

A Podcast That Looks at How Science Works, or Doesn’t

A Look at Hard Science Fiction

and Another Look at Hard Science Fiction

The Best SF This Week

Walter Jon Williams Predicts the Future


Our Nearest Stellar Neighbor May Have a Habitable Planet After All

Root of All Languages Traced to Africa

Space X Sticks Another Landing

They’re Arguing About Pluto Again

Biology and Chemistry Will Merge

New “Oldest” Drawing by Human Discovered

41 Days Remaining on Opportunity’s Clock

A “Sound Strategy”: for Colonizing Mars

Orion’s Parachutes Work!  (Good news for crew)

Binary Asteroid Holds Clues of Violent Past

We’ll Lose Some Mars if we Terraform it

Why Are Mars Volcanoes Dead and Earth’s Aren’t?

Now if they can just modify this for sewer pipes….

Science & Math at Burning Man

Leaks in Space:  NASA and ROSCOSMOS not talking

Last of the Delta IIs Launches

Solar Observatory Evacuated and No One Knows Why

Cassini Died One Year Ago

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