A WorldCon76 Video Round Up

So here then is a collection of videos that, in combination, may give those unfortunates who could not attend WorldCon76 a taste of the event.

We begin with a “Worldcon Walkabout” from Worldcon Events.  Given the state of things visible at the opening of this video, I can state with a fair degree of confidence that this was filmed beginning at around noon on the first day of the convention.  The Amazing Stories booth makes its appearance at approximately 20:12.

Of particular note – take a look at the members as they enter the hall.  Yes, there are “graybeards”, but there’s also a lot of young whipper-snappers visible too.

So, even tho it took place on the third day of the convention, lets get the BS out of the way right now.

There was a protest of the convention. The person responsible for putting this event together failed to show up himself, as did, apparently, most of the fascist-adjacent people that were supposed to make this a big event. The excuse for wearing MAGA hats and spewing idiocy in public was the supposed support and enablement of pedophilia by the science fiction community, a claim based on a homophobic book, tired old incendiary homophobic fears and an inability to both read and comprehend, but, hey, free speech and all of that, right?

This video was recorded by folks who seem to be in sympathy with the idiots, especially when you take into account the side-bar commentary. It’s also been pretty carefully shot to give the impression that the idiots out-numbered and out-presented the counter-protestors. All told, there couldn’t have been more than 50-60 people on both sides.

The protest-counter-protest was dwarfed by the convention attendees who sometimes watched from inside the lobby of the convention center (visible in the first video with stairs and escalators), more often than not lauging (which is about all you can do when confronted with such base idiocy). The protest had absolutely no effect on the convention.

Watch, but only if you enjoy watching clowns who have forgotten to put on their fright wigs and big red noses.

from Very Fake News

How about a nice little tribute to John Picacio, Worlcon GoH and Toastmaster for the Hugo Awards Ceremony for a change of pace? (Better than washing your eyeballs with bleech after that last one).

by Adria Gonzales

Next up: I’m always curious to see the impressions and listen to the thoughts of fans who are not members of the gray hair mafia; I do vaguely remember being that young, energetic and enthusiastic and, while it may be exhausting to watch this much energy pouring forth from the screen, I can appreciate it, and also learn a thing or two. A young fan who goes by the name of Kalandi recounts her experiences and manages to nail it when describing what conventions are all about. In a second video, she shares her book haul.

by Kalandi

by Kalandi

And another from “FinalBlowJoe” who traveled across the big pond to attend his very first WorldCon:

From the personal to some generic short-takes: Mark Nielsen has a playlist of short videos featuring different aspects of the convention, from the Light Tower to panels. Here’s the light tower short. A link to his playlist on Youtube will get you the rest (most run under a minute) here. (Includes more coverage of the protest with less fake news.)

Here’s a more “formal” review of the convention by the hosts of C-Squared Reviews Beyond the Speed of Light, Karma & Christiopher. A copy of Amazing Stories appears at the 10:59 mark, and a little screed on diversity that I think is a bit uninformed (YMMV) appears shortly thereafter.

An interview with one of the more notable attendees – John Scalzi – by Fast-Forward, a public access cable channel that covers science fiction and fantasy, discussing one of the many things about WorldCon you were probably unaware of:

A new author – David Decero – debuts his author blog with a recap of his experiences at WorldCon:

Bree, from BreeReadsBooks, conducts interviews of some of the dealers at the convention:

Jack Clemons does a reading from his new book Safely To Earth: The Men and Women Who Brought the Astronauts Home, a memoir that got its start right here on this website. This audio only piece provides a glimpse into attending a panel at WorldCon.

Time to take a break as we bring you another audio-only binge of clueless blather by people who have not a clue, coming from the ‘gate side of things. (Actually, a highly selective and unsupported spew of negativity.) (Recounts the Puppy Wars from a puppy-adjacent POV.) by WorldClassBullshitters (aptly named)

THIS will make you feel better about having had to watch a couple seconds of the preceding. Spider Robinson, WorldCon76 GoH, performs at Callahan Music (from sugar132)

…and an interview with Spider (by Expat Bostonians) –

Sadly, time constraints dictate that we start closing this out. We’ll end with the important stuff, the WSFS business meeting (in multiple parts) and the Hugo Awards ceremony, from Worldcon Events:

The business meeting. Here’s the first of many, you can find the rest here


THE 2018 HUGO AWARDS (including N.K. Jemisin’s awesome acceptance speech), from Worldcon76:

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