SPECIAL NOTETonight will be a super duper blood moon.

THIS is why Swatting is a bad idea

Sensitivity Readers.  It’s a thing.


Social Media is Splintering Society

Kids Don’t Realize They’re In the Same Boat as Boomers

People Less Likely to Swallow Conspiracies if They Know How Journalism Works


Happy 85th Nichelle!

Astronauts Watch Star Wars on the ISS

Hamill’s Tribute to Carrie

The Shape of Things to Come:  Tom Corbett Space Portal

SJG Re-acquires The Fantasy Trip (via File 770 and others)

Gold, from the upcoming Metal Men movie (note:  several images in)

Pics From Upcoming 2018 Flicks

Star Wars News Roundup

Upcoming Movies about space or in space or taking up too much space

Tom Corbett Radio Show

The Toys That Made Us Netflix Docu-Series

Counting Cards:  Star Trek, errrr, Continues


Rose Marie (Baby Rose Marie) 1923-2017 (genre credits include Ultraman, Psycho, more)

Bad Book Promotion

No Do-Overs:  Hamill Tries to Walk Back Last Jedi Diss

The History of Fandom in Australia (or, No, they aren’t ALL upside down)

Best Euro Anthologies 

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Willis Conover and HP Lovecraft


Best Space Photos from 2017

Free Space History Calendar From NASA

Keep Watching the Skies!  2018 Astronomical Events

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