Shift Change

Website update.

Starting today, November 13 of 2017, Steve Davidson will once again be handling the day-to-day editing of the Amazing Stories website.

Ira Nayman has been serving as Managing Editor for over a year now, taking over for Steve when his wife’s illness and care-giving required all of Steve’s attention.

“I’m really grateful and completely humbled by Ira’s willingness to step into the breach,” said Steve, “Ira did a wonderful job, he really stepped up and I can’t express strongly enough how his involvement really helped me get through a very difficult time.”

“Ira had help, from Kermit on the back end to all of our wonderful contributors who have stuck with us.  I’m equally grateful to all of them.”

Ira will continue to serve as Managing Editor of Amazing Stories;  his time will now be spent on preparations for the magazine’s return as a home for new fiction.

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