Reminder About 2018 Hugo Voting Eligibility
Hugo vote savings time is here. The recently-published minutes from the Helsinki Business Meeting prompted ULTRAGOTHA to pass along a reminder about the new deadline to become a member of WSFS in order to nominate for the Hugos in 2018.

Sci-Fi Roundup for November 5
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) Disney charges high price for Last Jedi, smaller town cinemas refuse to play. (2) Star Trek movie scenes: “Star Trek: 15 Deleted Scenes You Won’t Believe Were Cut” In this deleted scene from Insurrection, Captain Picard has an

Pixel Scroll 11/4/17 Do You Come From The Land Scroll’d Under, Where Pixels Glow And Files Sunder?
TODAY’S THING TO WORRY ABOUT. Luke has a different-colored lightsaber! ScreenRant obsesses: “Star Wars 8: Is Luke’s Green Lightsaber Evidence of His Fall to the Dark Side?” The fact that several posters and some merchandise have featured Luke holding

Participant Says World Fantasy Con Program Audience Still Struggles With Diversity Conversation
Panelist Rebecca Kuang came out of the “Borrowing from History: Intention and Appropriation” item at World Fantasy Con 2017 in San Antonio and dispatched these tweets to express her dissatisfaction with the experience. i just did the cultural appropriation panel

2017 Prix Utopiales Winners
The Prix Utopiales 2017 were announced November 4 during an award ceremony at the Utopiales International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes in France. Here are the winners in the fiction and comic book categories. The European Utopiales Award L’Installation de la

Pixel Scroll 11/3/17 Third Pixel To The Right And Scroll On ‘Til Morning
DISCLAIMERS. Daniel Dern noticed this disclaimer on latest 30-second Justice League trailer (at the very end): “Sequences of Sci-Fi Action and Violence” “Accurate. Intriguingly specific,” he says. “Makes me wonder what other disclaimers might be.” And he suggests —

2017 Worldcon Business Meeting Minutes Now Online
Worldcon 75 Business Meeting secretary Linda Deneroff has completed the minutes and the 120-page document can now be downloaded from the WSFS Rules page. Minutes of the 2017 Business Meeting of the World Science Fiction Society [PDF file] Also available

Memories of D Potter
People are sharing memories of the late D Potter, a long-time fanzine fan who passed away October 25 in Oakland. She lived in New York in the early 1980s, when these photos by Andrew Porter were taken. That also was

Pixel Scroll 11/2/17 Contraterrenean Homesick Blues
LEWIS & CLARKING AROUND. Charles Payseur, in “MAPPING SHORT SF/F: Part 2: Fun Short SFF” at Nerds of a Feather, leads readers through a highly interesting survey of where to find the fun stories in sff. Fun. For some people,

Free THOR Comics, Including One by J. Michael Straczysnki
Free, as in, you don’t have to have Amazon Prime, or Kindle whatever, just an Amazon account. Today only! Because it’s UPDATE: Beware this ends up being the start of a subscription to Kindle Prime after the first 30 days. Thor

Star Wars: The Last Jedi “Awake”
Today, a new Star Wars 8 trailer. [Thanks to Carl Slaughter for the link.]

Journey Planet’s “Disney on Rails” Issue
“Yes, in one way or another I have always loved trains.” Walter E. Disney. By James Bacon: Here at Journey Planet we are pleased to announce that we have released a whole issue entitled and about “Mapping Disney’s Railways”. In

2017 BookNest Fantasy Award Winners
The winners of the 2017 BookNest Fantasy Awards, hosted by the blog, were announced November 1. Best Traditionally Published Novel Wrath by John Gwynne Best Self Published Novel The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley Best Debut Novel Blackwing

Pixel Scroll 11/1/17 Surely This Has Been Done Already?
TALESPINNER. Ken Liu’s Star Wars book is out today. Star Wars: Legends of Luke Skywalker [is] a set of tall tales about the Jedi Knight that have been passing from cantina to freighter and from mouth to audio receptor

Top 10 Posts For October 2017
Tail end of an internet mob or a polite and sensitive commentary – you decided, in comments on this month’s most-read Scroll. And coverage of efforts to advance J.R.R. Tolkien’s sainthood attracted enough readers to break the logjam of Scrolls

With Gag Order Stopped, Salt Lake Comic Con’s Brandenburg Has Plenty To Say
Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder Bryan Brandenburg told the Associated Press “they’re going to try crowdfunding to help pay legal bills topping $1 million.” He is free to speak about the case again since the Ninth Circuit rejected a district

Pixel Scroll 10/31/17 Here’s Harry Mudd In Your AI
HALLOWEEN VIGIL. John King Tarpinian commemorated his annual Halloween visit to Ray Bradbury’s gravesite with this photo. (2) THE MOST GHOSTS. Halloween is a good day to be publicizing books newly available for sale from Richard Dalby’s Library. One

Goodreads Choice Awards 2017 Opening Round Voting
Voting has begun in the first round of the Goodreads Choice Awards: The Best Books 2017 and will continue through November 5. Here is what Goodreads recommended in the categories of genre interest. In the opening round, write-ins are also

Uncanny Magazine Issue 19 Available November 7
The nineteenth issue of the 2016 and 2017 Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine will be available on November 7. Hugo Award-winning Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to present the nineteenth issue of their 2016 and 2017 Hugo Award-winning online

A Good Day For Remembering Robert Bloch
On Halloween, Steve Vertlieb invites readers to visit his tribute to a Grandmaster of Horror — “Robert Bloch: The ‘Clown’ at Midnight” at The Thunderchild. By Steve Vertlieb: Robert Bloch was one of the founding fathers of classic horror, and

Pixel Scroll 10/30/17 Cast Your Scrolls upon the Pixels, And They Will Return Tenfold
THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Always a big part of my spirituality — the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Open a door of this super-fun advent calendar each day in December to discover a LEGO® Star Wars themed minifigure,

Thumbs Up for Mr. Sardonicus
By John Hertz: (reprinted from Vanamonde 1270) Marching to a different drummer can be particularly awkward on the road with a stream of dissenters all keeping step. Milt Stevens didn’t bother to complain (1942-2017). He was honored, selected, and unrecognized.

Own The Zine That Started the Trouble at the First Worldcon
For sale on eBay is Forry Ackerman’s copy of A WARNING, the pamphlet produced and smuggled into the 1939 Worldcon by Dave Kyle, but that was blamed on the Futurians and led to them being barred from the convention in

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