That’s about it for today.

Between the election, the home situation (my wife’s illness – not a play for sympathy), expending the enormous amount of energy required to try and discuss things with friends on the other side of ideological divides (tough when you can’t even agree on facts and all the while trying to maintain the relationship that allows you to converse in the first place), watching things around the world that were presaged decades ago in the fiction (and nonfiction) that I read and eminently addressable when the alarms were first raised – I speak of things like climate change, the devastation of our oceans, the increasing scarcity of potable water, the ever increasing possibility that some nut job will manage to both get their hands on weapons of mass destruction and use them effectively, growing numbers of ‘new’ viruses and bacterium that could engender global plagues the likes of which we’ve never seen; the deforestation of the world, the continued slaughter of elephants, rhinos, snow leopards, gorillas and countless other species, the daily evidence of how crappy the educational system has obviously become in the US, the ever present Malthus…(oh, I temporarily forgot the continued pollution of our air, water and soil…oh, and all that plastic in our oceans too…)

and all the while knowing that most of these issues are fixable, containable, mitigatable, addressable, solvable, if only my species could stop being dicks to one another and the rest of the planet…

well, this morning, its just too much to deal with.

Later, I’ll be going out to buy special diet dog food.  That’s a problem I can fix today.

Have a great day!

Notes: Our featured image today is from Godzilla (Gojira) vs the Smog Monster (Hedorah).  The Smog Monster is, of course, a stand-in for pollution.  How is it that a prehistoric, radioactively enhanced lizard knows what needs to be done, but the progeny of the mammals that supplanted him can’t figure it out…except in rubber suit monster movies?

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