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A trenchant cartoon on the state of news media in the US

Overlooked Black Female NASA Math Whizzes

Chicago Indie Bookstore Owners Protest Amazon Shop (keep your filthy paws off me you damn, dirty monopoly!)

Black Pride “Green” Army Men

Black Nerds at Dragoncon (via File 770)

Mansplaining Physics to Female Astronauts 


Star Trek’s First Review

Several Posts on the John Carter (execrable) Film  More

Alt-Hist World of Tomorrow Map

No Man’s Sky – Space Exploration is Boring!?

The Voice of Baby Groot

On Set for Ready Player One

TWD New Season Almost Here (starting to yawn….)

SW Visual Effects Reel

George Takei & Steven Colbert


“With all due respect, fans do not know what is best for them”

MADGeniusClub Worldcon Report (emphasis added)

Teen Helping to Pick Next Mars Landing Site

Get CBS to Release the Kronkite/Heinlein/Clarke Video Petition...Done! (that was fast!)

Fixing World Fantasy Con More

More Hugo Reflections

Take Advantage of Book Price Promotions

SFWA on Fireside Report

SFWA Market Report


Freddie Mercury – Asteroid

Loch Ness Monster is real (millions of years ago)

Jupiter’s South Pole (is that an asterisk down there?)

Philae Phound

More Asteroid Probings On the Way More

Bug Inside a Lizard Inside a Snake Fossil


New Conversation Piece, WisCon Chronicles Call for Materials, Aqueduct reading in SF, Flesh & Wires nanoreview, and more.
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The Monthly AqueductSeptember is here and we’re back with the last of the summer’s news and a sneak peek of what we have in store for the coming season. Read on for Karen Heuler’s new short story collection, guest editor Jaymee Goh’s call for materials for volume 11 of The WisCon Chronicles, details on Nisi Shawl’s Everfair tour, an invitation to attend the next Aqueduct reading in San Francisco, and more.



Other Places
by Karen Heuler
Out now

$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (ebook)
Buy nowWe are glad to announce the release of Other Places, a collection of short stories by Karen Heuler and volume 51 of our Conversation Pieces series.Life unfolds in strange ways. You may encounter people from your past living in your former apartments, or realize you have a penis as you engage in war-dreams, or find a planet filled with ghosts that look exactly like the ghosts back home. Is it possible they are the same as the ghosts back home? Wherever you travel, you’ll have to make tough decisions about the aliens you may have harmed and the aliens who may harm you. Other Places follows travelers as the familiar becomes strange, and the strange becomes life.


WisCon Chronicles Vol. 11 Call for Materials
We are pleased to announce that the editor of the next volume of the WisCon Chronicles is Jaymee Goh, and she’s eager to receive submissions. Her call for materials is available in full on our blog. Below is an extract.
“Call for SubmissionsThe WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 11: Trials by Whiteness 

WisCon40 followed a seismic shift in the demographics of the convention. Following the success of the POC Safer Space, there is now a Genderqueer/Trans Lounge, and a Disability Lounge. Programming actively seeks a diversity of panelists. How have these changes come about, and what have their ramifications been?


The theme, “Trials by Whiteness,” examines how what bell hooks calls the white-supremacist capitalist (cishetero)patriarchy has affected the feminism of WisCon and created difficult confrontations and conversations on the clashing perceptions of attendees. “Whiteness” refers to the position from which white supremacy operates. It has constantly moving goalposts by which everyone is measured. Whiteness does not refer only to white people; non-white peoples can also identify with this position and perspective. “Trials by Whiteness,” therefore, refers to all the problems people have to go through as a result of white supremacy, on various scales from microaggressions to abuse, whether institutionally or through individual behaviours.”


Nisi Shawl’s Everfair Tour

We are thrilled to inform you that September 6 will see the release of Everfair, Nisi Shawl’s much-anticipated Neo-Victorian alternate history novel from Tor Books, in which she “explores the question of what might have come of Belgium’s disastrous colonization of the Congo if the native populations had learned about steam technology a bit earlier.”

This is the first published novel for our Aqueductista, whose Tiptree-winning short-story collection Filter House established her as a master of the short form. Everfair has already garnered raving reviews and we can’t wait to join in.

We will be delighted to join her at the onset of her U.S. tour, starting September 6, 7 pm, at the Seattle University Book Store. Congratulations, Nisi!

Nanoreview of Flesh & Wires 
Nerds of a Feather contributor Joe Sherry has written a short but beaming review of Jackie Hatton’s post-apocalyptic alien invasion novel Flesh & Wires.
“I couldn’t put Flesh & Wires down and expect it to be in the end of year conversation for my favorite novels of the year. I want more of this.”
Reading Along the Aqueduct
San Francisco

Join Aqueduct authors Susan diRende, Liz Henry, Ellen Klages, Claire Light, Nancy Jane Moore, and Lori Selke for an afternoon of readings moderated by Debbie Notkin at Borderlands Cafe, San Francisco. The event will run from 3 to 4.30 pm on September 25, showcasing the wealth of poetry, novels, and short fiction we have published in the past few years. Save the date!
Strange Horizons on the Fireside Report
Niall Harrison, Editor-in-Chief of Strange Horizons, has responded to the report released last July by Fireside magazine, which revealed the extent to which U.S. SFF magazines failed to publish Black writers in 2015. In his response article “The New Horizon,” Harrison recognizes Strange Horizons‘s part in this collective failure and presents a three-step plan to take action (summarized as “more black first readers; clearly stating our desire to see submissions from black writers; an attempt to understand the problem in more detail”), with an invitation to suggestions and critiques from the public.


Forthcoming Titles
The Waterdancer’s World,
by L. Timmel Duchamp
October 2016
Humans have been struggling to live on Frogmore for almost five centuries, adapting themselves to punishing gravity and the deadly mistflowers that dominate its ecology. Financier Inez Gauthier, patron of the arts and daughter of the general commanding the planet’s occupation forces, dreams of eliminating the mistflowers that make exploitation of the planet’s natural wealth so difficult and impede her father’s efforts to crush the native insurgency.Monteverde:
Memoirs of an Interstellar Linguist

by Lola Roblestranslated by Lawrence Schimel
November 2016
This short novel by Spanish feminist sf author Lola Robles narrates Terran scholar Rachel Monteverde’s journeys on Aanuk, a paradisiacal planet famous for its beaches and the generosity and joy of life of its nomadic inhabitants. The Aanukiens are not the only people on the planet, however: Rachel is eager to meet the Fidhia, a cave-dwelling people who share a congenital condition that makes them blind. Rachel’s relentless determination to communicate with them despite the Aanukien’s dismissal and the Fidhia’s secretiveness will yield more than she ever hoped for.
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The Krypton Radio newsletter ROCKS FROM SPACE comes, once again, direct to your inbox! Here is a taste of this week’s doings on the Krypton Radio web site.

September and October are going to be a great time for Krypton Radio ROCKS IN SPACE subscribers. We are giving away science fiction and fantasy books, some by new authors and some by authors everybody knows well. Keep reading your ROCKS IN SPACE newsletters for details on how you can win!

Uh – for example, we have a softcover of Quantum Break: Zero State by Cam Rogers, from TOR Books, and the first person to write us back at with a name and shipping address (no post office boxes, please, we can’t ship to those) gets the book.


We’re not just banging rocks together here. We’re making sci-fi history, and you’re a part of it.

Remember to tune in to Krypton Radio every day – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi.





EM Drive: NASA’s Eagleworks Paper Passes Peer Review

It shouldn’t work, but it does. Dr José Rodal says the paper has been accepted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Ramifications are immense.

Read more.



Video of the Day: Addie Nicole’s Twin Mask Song ‘The Song of the Returned’

The Old Magicks are stirring, and on the lost continent of Tear, the world is once again wilde and new.

Read more.



Coming Soon: 3D Printed Ships from ‘Star Trek Online’

Soon you’ll be able to have a model of your starship from ‘Star Trek Online’ that you can display proudly on your bookshelf or desk.

Read more.



Video of the Day: Pavel Siska’s ‘Saurora’

Who will you become under pressure?

Read more.



On ‘The Event Horizon’ for Star Trek’s 50th: John and Bjo Trimble

Without this enterprising couple, there would be no Star Trek as we know it today. Tune in Saturday at 9 pm Pacific.

Read more.


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RPGnet Newsletter #69
September 7, 2016

New Columns

Just one new Column last week: Brent Dedeaux’s look at including stealth and pursuit in an OSR game in “99 Problems and I’ve Got to Run,” the 99th installment of Tales from the Rocket House.

New Reviews

Sir Corvus kicked off the week with a review of “Universal Exploits,” the second supplement for the controversial, X-Rated Sci-Fi comedy game Alpha Blue.

Antonios S delved into his review of the Achtung! Cthulhu game line with three reviews: the “Keeper’s Guide To The Secret War,” a solid sandbox-style GM manual that allows numerous types of pulp Cthulhian entertainment in a world at war; the “Investigator’s Guide To The Secret War,” the player’s handbook for the game; and, “Fate Guides To The Secret War,” a strong effort at transporting the game to the FATE system.

Antonios S also reviewed “Concept,” a light, abstract word-guessing board game, and “Team Spirit,” the second expansion for the Cash n’ Guns board game which represents a solid addition to the initial game.

Rounding out the week was Deric Page with a review of “Feng Shui 2 Chi Warrior Edition,” a stylistic roleplaying game of high action with semi-light crunch that just falls short of being a great successor to the original.

Threads You Might Have Missed

This first thread gets more than a little chippy in spots, but it’s worth working through that for some thoughtful insights on the interplay between mechanical and fictional descriptions of actions in an RPG: “Is there any game which isn’t improved by “you have to do it, to do it”?

For an interesting discussion of the destruction of the Earth by giant space rocks (oh, and how such a thing might be prevented), check out: “Is there a formula for blowing up asteroids?”

And, for the third question-titled thread of the week, expand your knowledge of Norse (and other) mythology by reading “Is Loki evil?”

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

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Come Brunch With Us! Sept 25th!

Geeks OUT & Bottom’s UP bring you another Marvel-themed Brunch! With the release of LUKE CAGE just a few weeks away we thought we should gather for Marvel theme drag performances, LUKE, CAGE FREE EGGS!

Hostesses Lilith LeFae and Princess BYtch have tons of fun games and performances planned! How about a little Iron Fisting? Or maybe a tiara toss? Prizes donated by Marvel Comics and more!

Tickets are $20 and it includes Brunch with and a Mimosa or Screwdriver (and includes the brunch tip.) It will also enter to win some Marvel themed prizes! Get tickets here;

At the event, you can add on BOTTOMLESS mimosas or screwdrivers for 2 hours for only $25 if you so choose! What more could you want?!

Get Tickets Now


Hello Geeks OUT readers!
Are you a long-time reader of Geeks OUT who has dreamt of being a contributor? Well, here’s your chance! We’re looking for a small number of women, men, and non-binary folks of all kinds to round out our roster of regular contributors. Interested? Here’s all you need to know:
Geeks OUT bloggers can be geeks (like a BIG ol’ nerd) whose sexual orientation and gender identity falls anywhere on the queer spectrum (because: rainbows), and who can bring a unique, diverse voice to our coverage of pop cultural issues in at least one post each month. This is an unpaid position, but sharing your passion with other queer geeks is its own reward.
Think you can cut it? Then email 2–3 story ideas along with a link to a sample of your writing to: bySeptember 15. Include “Potential Contributor” as the title of your message.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!
The Geeks OUT Editors,
Aria & Jon




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Hello everybody!

It’s launch day for my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT, now available from Amazon on Kindle and audiobook.

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Amazing cover by artist Eric Nyquist!

It moves as well!
If you are intending to buy the book, then please do so straight away or very soon; this will help me get more visibility right from the start. If you like CHILDREN, please tell your friends – or buy them a copy as a gift!

Now that the book is on sale, ratings and reviews can be placed on Amazon. Please do so (particularly if you liked it!) – a rating takes just a few seconds and makes a real difference. Also, please rate or review on Goodreads if you use it.

Reviewers: if you have not already posted a review on your site, now – or very soon – is the time to do it. Advance reviews have been very encouraging, and it would be great to keep the momentum going.

I will be doing a three-week blog tour on various sites and podcasts to publicise the novel. There will be guest posts, interviews, chat and more. Follow my site, my Amazon author page or my Facebook page
to keep up with what is happening and when.


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Dr. Tilmann’s Consultant:
A Scientific Romance

by Cherry Wilder
Dr. Lucas Tilmann did everything he could for his patients. His hospital in the Bavarian Alps was one of the premier centers for the treatment of nervous disorders. Tilmann used all the latest techniques, including the controversial new methods of Dr. Freud. But there were some patients he couldn’t reach — until a mysterious visitor arrived with powers Tilmann had never imagined.  


More Great SF from Our Alien Fiction Fest
Paris in June
by Pat Cadigan
Not all of us are really human, and once in a while
one of us figures that out 

Hannibal’s Elephants
by Robert Silverberg
The aliens landed in Central Park, which was lucky, because
some of them were as big as dinosaurs 

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll
by Howard Waldrop
The Kool-Tones were just killin’ it that night,
right up until the aliens arrived

The First Contact with the Gorgonids
by Ursula K. Le Guin
An American couple encounter something much stranger than
expected in the Australian outback



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