AMAZING NEWS: 10/11/15

It certainly is Amazing that there is no news worth reporting on this week.  None.  It’s not as if Russia went and bombed Syrian rebels for the Assad regime; not like a week when there’s a meteor shower; not like anything happened in the political sphere in the face of an impending Presidential election; and it certainly wasn’t a week when farmers were uncovering mammoths in their corn fields.

Nope.  Absolutely nothing happened this week – except for the completely consuming and utterly enervating physical move from the old HQ to the new.

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re skipping the news this week so that we can finish our move, get hooked up to the fiber optic network and come back at you next week literally at the speed of light.

However, if you are “pining for the fjords” and need something to hold you over till next week (when there will be our usual double-dose of newsy goodness), we highly recommend this series of videos of Julius Schwartz’s Fan History presentation from the Dallas Fantasy Fair of 1990, brought to our attention by Stephen Haffner of Haffner Press (which does it’s own exemplary work in preserving and presenting items of historical interest to SF fans).

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

(Try a little fan history – you might not be so confused as to why the Hugo Awards aren’t a “popular” award, and you just might discover something meaningful.)

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