Hell Bound on All Hallow’s Eve!

You’ll be Hellbound come October 31st!

There’s Hell to Pay this All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween fast approaches – an evening on which the veil between worlds will drop – and ghosts and ghouls, and all manner of things that go bump in the night are unleashed upon us. A time for locking your doors, and hiding beneath the covers until the wraiths and demons have had their fill in spreading fear and chill…

Of course, you could spend the time more productively, for this year, October 31 also sees the release of something else that will chill the marrow of your soul…

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Hell Bound, the very latest adventure from Janet Morris’ critically acclaimed and award winning Heroes in Hell shared universe.

Introduced in Doctors in Hell, Daemon Grim is none other than the Reaper himself – Satan’s chief bounty hunter – a creature set loose upon all those who fail to toe the infernal line. And with some of the foulest scum in history intent on fomenting trouble, you can guarantee things get medieval pretty quickly, and the streets flow red…

A color the Reaper finds most agreeable.

Make sure YOU have something worthwhile to do this All Hallow’s Eve and reserve your copy of a tale that’s sure to change your view of life in the hereafter.

This is no trick – Hell Bound – the Reaper’s very own treat for mortals by which you drop the veil each and every time you turn the page.

Reserve your copy now

The pre-release link is already available.


And remember…

In hell, everyone can hear you scream.

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