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 Raquel Welch: Still “The Fair One”

By James H. Burns: In the 1970s, many of us, film fans that is, would chat about the roles Raquel Welch could play. I can still remember, in January of 1976, meeting Jerry Iger, the great comic book impressario of … Continue reading →

Sasquan Official Attendance and Membership
Sasquan’s Glenn Glazer has announced the final attendance and membership figures. Attendance: 5,171 Includes all paid admissions including one-days. (One-day admissions are usually not technically members of WSFS, but we do count them for the purpose of computing total attendance. … Continue reading →

Diana Glyer’s New Inklings Book
Bandersnatch: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings by Diana Pavlac Glyer will be released November 30 in paper and can be preordered at Amazon. The Bandersnatch title comes from C.S. Lewis’ famous denial, “No one … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/5 Their Eyes Were Watching Cod
(1) As noted by Patrick on Making Light, the Guardian has an editorial about the sudden turnaround in British public opinion regarding the need to help Syrian refugees, “a shift clearly caused by the heartrending photographs of young Aylan Kurdi’s … Continue reading →

New Orleans Worldcon Bid
The bid to host the 2018 Worldcon in New Orleans has revamped its webpage. Debi Chowdhury and Rebecca Smith are co-chairs. (The co-chairs used to be Smith and Jessica Styons.) Alex Latzko is Treasurer. Others on the current committee are Tom … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/4 The Scrolling Stones
(1) The Verge covers the University of Iowa’s progress digitizing the Hevelin fanzine collection – “10,000 zines and counting: a library’s quest to save the history of fandom” The University of Iowa’s fanzine collection is going digital before it falls … Continue reading →

Swanwick and Khanna at NYRSF Readings on Sept. 8
The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings begins its 25th season on September 8 with presentations by Rajan Khanna and Michael Swanwick. Rajan Khanna’s first novel, Falling Sky, a post-apocalyptic adventure with airships, was released in October 2014. A sequel, … Continue reading →

Uncanny Magazine Posts Sixth Issue
Uncanny Magazine issue 6 has been released by Hugo Award-winning Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas (Chicks Dig Time Lords, Apex Magazine) and Michael Damian Thomas (Queers Dig Time Lords, Glitter & Mayhem) Half the contents can be read free now, and the other … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/3 The Nine Billion Noms of Dog
(1) Digg has the best space images from the month of August. They are beauties. As we tediously while away our days down here on Earth, satellites are zooming through space, snapping incredible pictures of Earth, the solar system and … Continue reading →

Profiles in History’s Next Big Hollywood Auction
A vast number of iconic movie props, costumes and photos — many of genre interest — will be auctioned by Profiles in History September 29-October 1. The catalog is online. Items range from the small – Captain America’s dogtags (page … Continue reading →

Roll Over R2-D2 and Tell Kenobi The News
Puppies need a break after a long day working the Hugos. What could be more fun than play-testing the latest Star Wars themed toy? BB-8 is science fiction’s newest small, cute robot, and Gizmodo’s “Toyland” delivers an in-depth review. It … Continue reading →

Sad Puppies 4 Begins
Between now and MidAmeriCon II people will expend a million words arguing whether Sad Puppies 4 is a slate or a recommendation list, a Hugo voter registration drive, an outlet for those frustrated with message fiction, a movement to oppose … Continue reading →

The Thug Notes Version of Fellowship of the Ring
Comedy gold — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis. [Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the link.]… Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/2 Split-Level Headcheese
(1) Pat Cadigan is still making cancer her bitch. I didn’t plan to travel as much as I did this year, it just happened that way. And I’m not done yet. I have at least one trip, possibly two left … Continue reading →

2015 Chesley Awards
Just for the record… The Chesley Awards were given in a ceremony held at Sasquan. Best Cover Illustration / Hardcover Julie Dillon, Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology edited by Brandon Sanderson; Dragonsteel Entertainment, June 2014 Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Raoul … Continue reading →

“Ask Lovecraft” on the Sad Puppies
If dead men tell no tales, why is Ask Lovecraft taking a crack at explaining “Sad Puppies”? Lovecraft demurely claims, “We are happy not being at the center of the controversy for once.” I’m sorry, my laughter is keeping me from pressing the … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/1 The Pixellent Prismatic Spray
(1) I encountered this oasis while researching today’s scroll — Nelson Lowhim’s clever story “Sasquan, worldcon and the science fiction convention” …Leaning back and inhaling the sterile convention center smell, I realized that I’d sat on a book. I pulled it out … Continue reading →

SFWA Contracts Committee Releases New Model Magazine Contract
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s Contracts Committee has released an updated Model Magazine Contract, available on the SFWA website. The Model Contract not only contains a sample contract that magazines can use, but also glosses each clause so … Continue reading →

Le Guin Feminist SF Fellowship
Applications for the 2015 Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship are being taken until October 1. The Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship encourages research within collections in the area of feminist science fiction, supporting travel for the purpose of … Continue reading →

Ned Brooks: A Pair of Obituaries by Tim Marion
Ned Brooks: subjective obituary By Tim Marion: I can’t believe it. This must surely be a hoax, ’cause Ned just loved hoaxes. He even liked death hoaxes, as long as they… Continue reading →

Tell Us What You Really Think
In a “Hugos/Sad Puppies Guest Post by Jameson Quinn”, “the guy who came up with the basic idea for the E Pluribus Hugo proposal”, does his best to unravel the coalition that passed it on its first reading at Sasquan. In … Continue reading →Ned Brooks (1938-2015)
Southern fan Cuyler W. “Ned” Brooks died August 31. The 77-year-old had been on his roof making repairs when he fell off and died. He was in his sixth decade as a fan, a life begun by answering a small ad … Continue reading →Top 10 Posts for August 2015
File 770 set a record for pageviews the night of the Hugo Awards, and all month long there was a constant flow of news about Sasquan, Hugos and Puppies. Even if I go 50 deep in August’s most-read posts, there’s only … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/31 From the SJW Aisle at Victoria’s Secret
We now return you to those thrilling days of yesterscroll. (1) Some anniversaries. August 29, 1997 Cyberdyne’s “Skynet“ intelligence system becomes self-aware. September 1, 1922 Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster) is born in Canada. September 3, 1969 The Valley of … Continue reading →

A Milestone
It only took seven-and-a-half years. As of today File 770 has 100 followers, people who are signed up to be notified whenever there is a new post. It’s still a modest number but not as modest as before I started the puppy roundups. … Continue reading →

Robert Vaughn on the Campaign Trail
Imagine if George Clooney suddenly moved down the block from you, in your middle class, suburban town… And — In some parallel universe, Robert Vaughn may well be in his EIGTH term, as the Senator from California (or a veteran … Continue reading →

Need Less Bow, More Wow 8/30
(1) From the SuperversiveSF livestream, Kate Paulk’s statement on SP4 at 1:05:42 (transcription provided by Mark): For starters the word slate is not going to appear… Continue reading →

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