Sunday Business Meeting at Sasquan
Today the Sasquan Business Meeting will consider 4/6, E Pluribus Hugo plus other unfinished business and whatever shennanigans people have left in their deck at this point. Livebloggers welcome.… Continue reading →

Memories of Tonight’s Hugo Ceremony
While I was in an elevator leaving the Hugo ceremonies, Frank somebody looked me in the eye and said “How’d you like that. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it,” in a surly voice. Since he was being rude I told … Continue reading →

Magic Sofas At Sasquan
By Leigh Strother-Vien: Sasquan, the Spokane World Science Fiction Convention, has magic sofas! Nonsense, you say? Ah, but whenever my body has informed me that I MUST take a break, lo, there are sofas (& sometimes easy chairs) to rest … Continue reading →

The All-Purpose Hugo Post
Do you want to liveblog along? Omment on the proceedings? This is the place for it. Jump right in. Play along from home. Just this moment I am sitting in the back of the hall where the pre- and post-Hugo … Continue reading →

More Sasquan News
Cribbed from Tom Galloway & Co.’s fine daily newzine. Attendance onsite is 4,740 which I think is a terrific draw for Spokane. Total membership is 11,330. Isn’t that a record? Art Show: Several main awards went to Andy VanOvergerghe Masqyerade: … Continue reading →

Saturday Sasquan Business Meeting
Here’s a post where you can pin your liveblogging comments. JJ: I am on the front left near the EPH guys this morning.… Continue reading →

Helsinki Wins 2017 Site Selection Vote
The 2017 Worldcon will be in Helsinki, Finland. According to Kevin Standlee, who participated in the ballot count as a member of the Montreal bid, the unofficial tally went as follows: Helsinki 1,363 DC 828 Montreal 228 Nippon 120 The … Continue reading →

Fan Fund Auction on Friday
The Fan Fund Auction is proceeding in Sasquan’s Cabaret at Guinan’s adjacent to the Fanzine Lounge. Andrew Hooper and Jerry Kaufman have been doing a magnificent job keeping the bidding lively. I met TAFF delegate Nina Horvath while she was … Continue reading →

Friday Sasquan Business Meeting Commenter Hanger
As we await the start of the business meeting, John Pomeranz is handing out WSFS Businss Meeting Bingo cards. Kevin Standlee is the free space. Players are instructed to fill in the rest of the blanks of frequent participants and … Continue reading →

Yvonne Craig (1937-2015)
American dancer and actress: died 17 August, aged 78. Best known for playing Batgirl in the final season of Batman (1967-8) and an Orion mental patient in the original Star Trek (‘Whom Gods Would Destroy’, 1969). Other genre appearances included … Continue reading →

A Hive With Good Beer
Thanks to Greg Machlin for organizing tonight’s File 770 meetup at the Saranac, two blocks from the convention center. I took a cab over — yes, it was unnecessary — driven by a cabbie who’d been on the job for … Continue reading →

The Sasquan Party Story
We’re having “meet and greets” at Sasquan, not parties. Keith Kato explains: Those of us who requested party rooms at the designated party hotel for Sasquan were sent the following memo, which speaks for itself — the term “party” is … Continue reading →

Random Thursday Sasquan
If I have to post all my comments pushing one key at a time on the Kindle I will but I won’t tackle that til later. The hotel business center computer has unusually limited capabilities (think — no right-click mouse … Continue reading →

Checking in Before Sasquan Thursday Business Meeting
The coffee and baked goods setup adds a highly civilized touch to meeting room 300 CC and there’s plenty for those here since the SRO audience Kevin Standlee worried about has not materialized. At least not today. More later, with … Continue reading →

Wednesday Morning Sasquan Pixel
There’s a strong forest fire ash scent in the air — when we flew in last night and encountered that suspicious burning paper smell passengers started looking around to see if something had gone wrong aboard the plane. This morning … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/18 The Ballot of the Sad Sharpei
I have to pack and get to their airport, so I will scroll and skate. (1) Vox posted a story that celebrates the Chronicles of Prydain as “the best fantasy series ever.” (The site Vox, not the person Vox.) Let … Continue reading →

Rosetta Finds Another Stone
By Taral Wayne: Remember those science fiction movies where a spaceship in the asteroid belt would be pelted by fist-sized rocks and be forced to dodge tumbling boulders ranging in size from VW vans to small states? In reality, spaceships … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/17 Knock-knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah Who? Noah Ward
When you copy many sources it’s research – or today’s Scroll. (1) Exhibit #27,837 that science fiction fandom has gone mainstream: Sasquan is in Alaska Airlines magazine, the copies distributed on Horizon flights! Online at . Bottom of page … Continue reading →

SFWA Hosts An Out-of-this-World Auction At Worldcon
Become a fantastic character, take away something beautiful and unique, or get killed (fictively) by your favorite author at the Charity Auction hosted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) at this year’s Worldcon on Sunday, August … Continue reading →

2014 Sidewise Awards
The winners of the 2014 Sidewise Award for Alternate History have been announced. The award recognizes excellence in alternate historical fiction. The winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of Stephen Baxter, Evelyn Leeper, Jim Rittenhouse, Kurt Sidaway, and … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/16 Waiting for Our Vote to Come In
When I came home last night my place had no power because a fuse had blown. I waited til this morning to be able to find the fusebox in daylight. Here’s as far as I got with yesterday’s Pixel Scroll, which … Continue reading →

Approaching the Event Horizon: The Pre-Sasquan Report
A File 770 column by By Chris M. Barkley: “There will be a convention. There will be function rooms at the convention. Some will be right and some will be wrong. And then, IT WILL BE OVER!” Daily mantra at … Continue reading →

All of These Nine Lives
By James H. Burns: She literally first danced into the public conciousness, even if the impression she made, was, to begin, only on a subliminal level of loveliness. And then she almost exploded on the screen, in another movie musical. She became … Continue reading →

CONduit Closes Down
CONduit, Utah’s big tent sf con for the past 25 years, will no longer be the place to be on Memorial Day weekend. Former chair Erin Ruston announced the leadership has voted to call it quits. This decision came after several … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/15 “Ward, I’m Worried About the Marmot”
The editor fails to hide how ornery all this Puppy news makes him, in today’s Scroll. (1) D23 is this weekend and attendees received this Drew Struzan poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a souvenir edition — Struzan will … Continue reading →

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