May’s Delightful Dozen

The Top Twelve posts from May

helping_hands-150x150AMAZING PEOPLE: Extending a Helping Hand

mdjacksopnillustratingbarsoomthumbnailIllustrating Barsoom

hugo-award-e1398513233933No Award is Not the Nuclear Option

Classic Rock Connection: Game of Thrones & The Grateful DeadGrateful-dead2

moneyA Publisher’s Perspective on Profits: ebooks vs print

hugo-award-e1398513233933 (2)On Politics and Fandom

featured-locusOMG! That SJW Fannish Cabal is WAY Bigger Than They Thought!

hugo-award-e1398513233933 (2)My Final Hugo Ballot

moneyAuthor’s Earnings

featured-best-artistThe Artful Collector: On the Topic of “Puppies” from a Former “Loser”

featured-mil-sfMilitary Science Fiction: Part 1 Of A Personal Tour of SF’s Sub-Genres

featured-sfwa-interviewThe SFWA Indie Program: An Interview with Cat Rambo and Maggie Hogarth

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