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TOR Bad.  Puppies Good.

“Good Boycott!  

Seems we DO have to keep mentioning McCarthy

Proof the internet can make you cry?

Intimations of Violence

Fill 770 Meetup At Sasquan


SCOTUS:  Nationwide Gay Marriage (Next Up:  Transgender Final-FrontierKids Are Coming For Your Bathrooms!) & Scalia’s Dissent is an Attack on American Democracy

Mass Extinction, 21st Century Redo

The Pope Steps Out On Climate Change & This Is What Someone Has to Say About That

Beware the Stingray(s)

e3womenUgg.  More ‘Tuskeegee Testing’ Comes to Light

Myth of the Colorblind Millennial

Black American Indian Dungeons & Dragons

Octavia Butler Changes the Way You Look at Fiction

#YesAllWomen & NotAllMen

Online Misogyny with John Oliver

malloyhoverbike-640x425Children Abuse Humanoid Robots

…Viagra.  And now for something completely different – The Pill for Men.

Slavery’s Legacy Still Affecting Things

Diversity in Public Media


More LEGO Women Scientists

Agent Coulson Wants Female Superhero Movies Now

Clark Kent Identifies as Human

Female Writers & Politics of Influence


Reading Prep for the Future

Miles-MoralesMiles Morales is the REAL Spiderman

Victorion – Female Transformer

Starbase Studios

Starship Sofa

lego-ocean-explorers-sylvia-earleIncredible, Edible(?) Eggs!

Independence Day: Resurgence

Dragonblade Trailer

10986615_1430464606976594_7903065987583219390_nNetflix New July Releases

Halo5 Behind the Scenes

Falling Skies Season 5

Interfictions is Online

Play Like A Badass Girl

Lady Clone War Book Review

Terminator Genysis Clip

1915-06-26-airplane-2Song Will Run 1,000 Years

Dejah Thoris Coming Soon

Patrick Stewart Is Immortal

Ant-Man Promo

Green Lantern Update

Bats vs Crocodiles – Michael Bay Style

51 Comic Book Movies Between Now and 2020

Graphic Novel Dissertation

MIT Students on Robopocalypse

557e3d111880fScientific American Interviews Authors of The Expanse

Fantastic Four TV Spot

Star Wars News

I Can’t Believe We Survived 70s Men’s Fashions

The Sacred Band is Back


Google Machines Dream

Who’d a thought that Next Gen meant the sons of Nimoy and Roddenberry?

File 770 Meetup At Sasquan

rocketFan to Pitch Star Trek TV Concept

Google Blocks Revenge Porn Imagery

Human Migration To Space Book Review

AnLab & Asimov’s Awards

tumblr_nqcngryFjt1rf2m3uo2_540Hevelin Collection Gets BIGGER

How To UNSend Emails in Gmail

ThinkGeek Clearance Sale

Captain Marvel Lands New Creative Team

Facebook Knows Who You Are Without Even Looking

red-tree-small-long-unsmoothedEverything You Know About Piper is WRONG!

ICANN Changes May Affect Your Privacy

Interview with Sasquan GoH David Gerrold

NESFA Short Story Contest

Cuban SF Coming to America (see our coverage of Cuban SFgliese581c_590.jpg.CROP.original-original Here)

Aerial Steampunk:  How to Shoot Down a Zeppelin

Augmented Reality and Transparency

Kickstart a WOOL Film


floatingheadsaaaaa_zps92eb7f72New Horizons:  Are we there yet?

Mars Sized Exoplanet

Philae Is Alive!

NASA Approves Mission to Europa (“all these worlds…”.)

Dive-Bombing Crows are Cool

Titan Has Polar Winds

THE Most Powerful Rocket In History

puppy-powerMars Odyssey Completes 60,000th Orbit

Shuttle Pierces the Clouds

What New Horizons May See

Lightsail Unfolds in Space

New DNA Base Pair Discovered

To go from one cell to multi-cell, all it took was one gene

gerroldFirst Human Footprints in America

Tricorder XPrize Competition

ISS Timelapse

Computer Bug in a Sandwich

Ooooo.  Hoverbike!

“Missed it by this much!” Water on Mars 500,000 years ago

Never Before Seen NASA Photos

Singer Space Tourist Not Going to Space

Northern Lights From Space

dnews-files-2015-06-Hallucigenia-reconstruction-150624-jpgHieronymous-esque Creature Gives Rise To Insects, Spiders & Shellfish

First Peoples Documentary 

Rocket-Landing Barge Named After Iain M. Bank’s Saceships

New Pluto & Charon Trailer

zero-gravity-sex_612x380_0Most Accurate Map of the Milky Way Galaxy

David A. Hardy Updates Pluto Picture

Media Invited to NASA Rocket Test

Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact

Jupiter & Venus Tango in Night Sky

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