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Today is the last day of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop and I am pressed for time both today and tomorrow (tomorrow is travel day, beginning with a 150 minute drive to the airport), so I must be brief.

Quick notes:  There will be no AMAZING NEWS round up tomorrow.  Both AMAZING NEWS of FANDOM and TIME MACHINE will appear, but they will both be truncated by a day (preparing them this evening).  News from this week will be included in next week’s roundup (or maybe on Monday, time and energy permitting).


I must say that the Workshop has been an (‘cough’) AMAZING experience.  Truly and no exaggeration.  In fact, Amazing may be an understatement.

There are two primary focuses for the workshop:  giving authors and their allies a solid grounding in the real underpinnings of astronomy, science education and related fields and creating a network of highly intelligent, creative and motivated individuals.

After less than one day of social and classroom time, the value and import of this program becomes immediately apparent.

After just a few more days, the depth of our responsibility to get the science right, to pass on our enthusiasm and to encourage others to do so.

That enthusiasm is directly attributable to our instructors:

Michael S. Brotherton, Christian Ready, Jim D. Verley and Andria Schwortz.

Over the next few weeks I hope to provide some profiles, links and bibliographies of both the attendees and the instructors.

For now, I’d just like to say:  Thank you for the opportunity!

(If you’re a writer, game designer, filmmaker, etc who likes science and wants to get it right, give some serious thought to applying to future sessions of the Workshop).


Puppy Papers.

Mike Glyer has been doing a stand up job in bringing all of us daily puppy-related news at File770.  I’ve just got a brief comment.

The puppies continue to write commentary on the kerfuffle that is head-scratchingly confusing – if one makes the presumption that they are trying to win readers and influence markets.

One might even come to the conclusion that they are deliberately trying to piss people off – the very people who would normally seem to be their readers and their markets.

Maybe that is exactly what they are trying to do.  Doesn’t make sense, right?

It does if your strategy is to create a new market.

Just some kibble for thought.

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