doctorcoversmallNo doubt many have forgotten about our (unintended) long term project, the comic A Doctor for the Enterprise, authored by David Gerrold and drawn by Troy Boyle.

Some of you went ahead and ordered that comic in advance of its release and have been waiting – patiently I hasten to add – with hardly a peep of query.  This is greatly appreciated.

We’ve provided updates, but considering how long this project has been banging its way from one delay to another, those updates probably seem few and far between.

But we were making progress:  Despite the death of the publisher’s father (mine); the ill-timed illness that prevented Troy from spending any real length of time at the drawing board (a several months long delay) and David’s lengthy signing period (David could not sign but a handful a day – “it takes a long time to sign 500 comic books, especially if your hand cramps after ten signatures” – we were seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Until yesterday, when I received the notices below from UPS, the carrier that I had hired to ship those comics from the printer to David, from David to Troy and, eventually, hopefully, from Troy to me (after which I’d break all known land speed records in getting them out the door to readers):

ups delays

Death, illness and now – weather!  I had to laugh – seeing as how the mantra around here regarding this publication has been a shake of the head, followed by “what next?”

What next indeed.

This does cause me to wonder if all of these delays might not be in the form of “acts of god” – in which case the happy thought that YOU WERE NOT MEANT TO READ THIS COMIC!!!

But you’re going to.  One day (soon), your copy of A DOCTOR FOR THE ENTERPRISE will show up on your doorstep, wrapped in a shiny plastic bag, backed by a backing board and you’ll look at it and marvel at the journey its been on just to warm your heart with some outrageous geeky humor.  (If I didn’t want to delay things even more, I’d have them all stamped with “Odysseus Ain’t Got NOTHIN On This!”.

This morning I received notice that at least one of the two packages of comics had resumed their journey to Troy – and Troy has promised to get them all signed within 24 hours (which I reluctantly discouraged him from doing – 48 hours ought to be sufficient).

So – barring any other unforseen circumstances (HAH!), you all will be seeing your comics “very soon now”.

Speaking of comics…there are still copies available.  Visit our store for details.

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