Melissa Conway, the director of the world’s largest collection of science fiction and fantasy, announced her retirement on January 3, 2015. Conway has been at the University of California Riverside for thirteen years, arriving as Head of Special Collections in May … Continue reading →

Robert Kinoshita (1914-2014)

Robert Kinoshita, who designed three of the most famous robots in science fiction, died December 9 at the age of 100. He was the principal designer for the robot in Tobor the Great (1954); Robby the Robot from the films … Continue reading →

Viewing the Remains of Bradbury’s Home

By John King Tarpinian: They tore down paradise and put up a parking lot. Last Friday I got a panic call from one of Ray Bradbury’s old family friends, an English professor, back East. He learned that Ray’s sunny yellow … Continue reading →

Lucas Museum Could Come to LA If Stymied in Chicago

George Lucas says his Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts could be built in LA on the USC campus if his efforts to build it in Chicago are frustrated reports the Los Angeles Times. “We still have to get through some … Continue reading →

Jonathan Eller Responds To Coverage of His Statements on Bradbury House Teardown

Jonathan R. Eller, Director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, has made a statement reconciling his comments in the media about the Bradbury house demolition: I would like to clarify the reporting of recent days concerning the Bradbury Center’s support of Thom … Continue reading →

New Benjanun Sriduangkaew Story on published a new story by Benjanun Sriduangkaew, “And the Burned Moths Remain”, on January 14. In October, 2014 John W. Campbell nominee Sriduangkaew was revealed to be the same person as the blogger Requires Hate. The writer’s history was … Continue reading →

Night Vale Bids For Worldcon

What kind of bid is the Night Vale Worldcon bid? TO CONTACT THE BID: SPEAK QUIETLY INTO YOUR PILLOW AT MIDNIGHT IN A LANGUAGE LONG SINCE DEAD That kind. The bid takes its inspiration from “Welcome to Night Vale”, the … Continue reading →

Two More Planets in Solar System?

Dr. Michael Brown, author of How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming, recently declared the days when you could easily discover big bright objects in the Kuiper Belt are over, though there might be dark ones yet … Continue reading →

SF Writers Create Book To Aid Navy Vet After A Fire

Over 50 sf authors, including Nisi Shawl, Lucy A. Snyder, Gary Braunbeck, Tobias Buckell, and Laura Resnick, are providing stories for Life After Ashes, an anthology created to help raise money for the family of a Navy veteran and fellow … Continue reading →

What Nice Rockets Don’t Do

A bright explosion on the Falcon 9 landing platform illustrates the Guardian’s skeptical reaction to Elon Musk’s tenderly-phrased description of the event: Private spaceflight company SpaceX has released new pictures of its Falcon 9 rocket attempting to land on a … Continue reading →

2015 Hugo Nominations Open

The Sasquan Hugo nominations webpage is now live. Eligible to nominate for the 2015 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer are — Attending or supporting members of Sasquan (the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention), Attending … Continue reading →

Fly By Knight

TV host Jimmy Kimmel knows it is better to show than tell. Rather than read a list he proffered this skit — “The Most Annoying People on the Plane Starring Sir Patrick Stewart.” [Thanks to Martin Morse Wooster for the story.]… Continue reading →

Bradbury Center “Supportive” of Bradbury Home Teardown

Jonathan Eller, Director of the Bradbury Center at IUPUI is not quite on the same page as fans who are upset that Ray Bradbury’s house has been demolished. While Eller was commenting here yesterday — I share the feelings expressed … Continue reading →

O Sasquan, My Sasquan

The social media strategy of this year’s Worldcon, Sasquan, is far from seamless. We’re halfway through January and fans have been questioning the committee about when Hugo nominations will be accepted. Tonight Sasquan tweeted — Hugo nominations will open on … Continue reading →

And He Built A Crooked Air Force Base

Two streets away from Robert A. Heinlein’s home at 8777 Lookout Mountain, on the other side of the hill, was the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, at the end of another winding road above Laurel Canyon. Histories say the facility was originally built … Continue reading →

Net Spreads News of Bradbury House Teardown

John King Tarpinian’s photos and story about the demolition of Ray Bradbury’s house have reached  a wide audience and touched a lot of hearts in the past 24 hours. Curbed Los Angeles: Starchitect Thom Mayne is Tearing Down Ray Bradbury’s … Continue reading →

2015 WSFA Small Press Award Seeks Nominees

SF authors, small press publishers and WSFA members have until March 31 to nominate stories for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for short fiction, now in its ninth year. The award honors the accomplishments of small presses … Continue reading →

Pournelle Goes Home

Jerry Pournelle, who has been in a rehab assignment following a stroke, told Chaos Manor readers he returned home January 9. Came home Friday night. Get about with a wheelchair and walker … I am not frail, but I have … Continue reading →

Send Get-Well Wishes To Bill Warren

Fantasy film historian, long-time LASFSian, and File 770 contributor Bill Warren has had two surgeries in the past week. His wife, Beverly, says he’d love to hear from friends by email or on Facebook. That could cheer him up, and … Continue reading →

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

Here is what Marvel labels as the second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, in theaters May 1. Or is it really the third? It is by count of a cranky writer at Forbes — Yes, this is the third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer … Continue reading →

Brian Clemens (1931-2015)

English screenwriter and TV producer Brian Clemens, who wrote the pilots for The Avengers and Danger Man (aka Secret Agent), died January 10. He was deeply associated with the success of The Avengers (1961-1969) as its script editor, associate producer and main … Continue reading →

Lunacon 2016 Is Go

Mark Richards was named chair of Lunacon 2016 at a meeting of the New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians – on January 11. The club had skipped the 2015 edition of the con in order to reorganize and address … Continue reading →

Anita Ekberg Passes Away

Actress Anita Ekberg (1931-2015) died January 11. Her occasional genre roles included playing a Venusian guard in Abbott and Costello Go To Mars (1953), Zenobia, Queen of Palmira in Sheba and the Gladiator (1959), a dual role as ingénue and … Continue reading →

Kuratas Robots For Sale

How much does it cost to be cool? Well, a mundane riding lawnmower costs $2,000 or less while a giant rideable Kuratas robot sells for ¥120,000,000 (US$1,008,000): new meaning for the term “cool million.” Suidobashijuko Heavy Industries has been selling … Continue reading →

Rumor Batman v Superman Split In Twain

Could Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice be taking a cue from Peter Jackson? The latest buzz on Nerd Reactor says the project is being turned into two films. Behind the rumor is a photo posted at Clevver Movies (on … Continue reading →

2015 Jack Williamson Lectureship

Paolo Bacigalupi will be Guest of Honor at the 39th Annual Jack Williamson Lectureship this spring at Eastern New Mexico University. Williamson publisher Stephen Haffner broke the news in his December newsletter. Bacigalupi is the bestselling author of  The Windup … Continue reading →

Bradbury House Lives On In Shadow Show #3

Ray Bradbury’s yellow bungalow is beautifully recreated in IDW’s Shadow Show #3, which was published January 7 at about the same time the wreckers started taking down the original. This is the third in a series of five comics…Continue reading →
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